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Hi Everyone, just a curiosity question…. I don’t have any commercial equipment so I bake using my 6",8",9" etc… round or square cake pans and I was wondering if any of you bake in sheet pans and then use cake cutters to cut out the desired round or square or whatever shape you need? I was wondering if this might be a worthwhile method to try. For my cakes, I bake 3-4 layers per tier and have to trim each separately and I’d imagine a sheet cake might cut down some of that work??? What do you all think? thanks for your answers in advance.

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Hi, baking in sheet pans is okay if you need a sheet cake or you intend to carve/sculpt the cake. However, if your intention is to obtain several round or square cakes, then you will have issues with the alignment of your shapes. We are humans not machines and you simply cannot cut out a perfect 360 degrees round shape or a perfect square shape which has a perpendicular angle of 90 degrees. These factors were taken into considerations hence cake pans are made from molten metal poured into casts.
To speed up your work, increase the capacity of your oven (get a bigger 1), invest in more cake pans and a cake leveler e.g wilton brand.

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Thank you for your advise. I have great success with my round and square pans so I was reluctant to change anyway. This is silly but I saw on tv some cake artist shows where they bake in baking sheets and then use large stiff metal round or square cutters to cut their desired cake shape and size- so I thought it was a method most use but doesn’t seem so. Thank you and as the old addage goes, “if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it.” :-)
thank you!