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Inserting wired Sugar flowers in cake

Hello everyone! I am pretty new to cake decorating and I desperately need your advice. I have read numerous times how you should not insert wires in cake. I have also read that if you covered the wire in floral tape and white chocolate, it would be food safe. I am in fear of creating too holes by using many posey picks and or straws in my cake. Please please give me some suggestions. I have several spays of flowers which are on wire that need to be cascading from the bottom tier of the cake. I am so confused on the Right way to do it. The cake is for this Sunday!

Thank you all so very much.

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I have heard of people wrapping with floral tape, dipping in chocolate, or inserting wires into coffee stirrers before putting into the cake. I put the wires into my cakes with no covering and I have never had an issue. I’m not saying it’s the best or only way, but it has worked for me. Hopefully, someone else will pop in and give you some alternatives.

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Thank you so much. I’m thinking I will try the dipping in chocolate. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. :)

Hello Maray, I usually along small arrangements, as with the layout I want to stay on the cake. Act them with floral tape and insert a straw juice. Thus greatly reduced the amount of wires or straws inserted in the cake.
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I have always wrapped the stem any completed flower arrangement with a long piece of floral tape, to completely seal it so that no pieces break off in the cake, and then insert it straight into the cake. I have never experienced any problems with doing it that way. Leaving the wire bare is not a good idea. I also use a sugar flower posy pick which is a small plastic holder that you insert into the cake then place the flowers into it.

Thank you Joycefree…. I appreciate you taking the time to help :)

Depending on the flowers/arrangement, I either insert the wire directly if it’s not taped, or I use a posy pick for anything I have wrapped in floral tape. I would not want floral tape directly touching the inside of my cake. I would think it might get gummy with all the moisture or heat of the day. Good luck!

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It is illegal here where I live to put wired & taped flowers directly in the cake. Health & Food safety issue. We must use straws too or posy pick. I wouldn’t put my wrapped flowers directly into a cake. :o)

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From a safety perspective, wires are not food grade and should not be directly inserted into a cake. Metals are made up of elements which have the potentials of leaching into the cake and having serious health implications for the final consumer. Hence the need for the wires to have an indirect contact by encasing it using – posy picks, straws etc. Floral tapes are also not food grade, hence should not come in direct contact with your cake.

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Hello Maray, I put straws in the cake all the way down and then I put royal icing in the straw and then insert the wires. This helps wit food safety and with heavier sugar flower arrangements or even toppers

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