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Problem with fondant

Hi! Please can someone help me with this problem!! Today had to cover a cake with fondant, 1st i crumb coated with butter cream, than I put it in the fridge for about 10mns(I always do that), I rolled my fondant, as soon as I wanted to spread it on my cake, it started to crack, and became too humid, as if i applied it on water, it was a disaster, had to cover all the cracks with flowers, but the weird thing is if you touch the fondant you’ll see it’s sticky. Mind you that the weather was a bit humid, what could it be the difference in temperature between the cake and the fondant? Could someone have an explanation for what happened please? Thanks!

Nadine A.

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Something I have found with buttercream in the fridge is that it gets moisture on it. These days I always use ganache for the crumbcoat. Works a treat.

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Fondant can become sticky if it’s too warm or if you’ve handled it too much. If your fondant is too sticky to work with or roll out, knead in some confectioner’s sugar. Prevent it from sticking to your hands by coating them lightly with shortening or powdered sugar – before placing fondant on a cake, make sure that you’ve conditioned it well – otherwise, you will get cracks or elephant skin!

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so you don’t think it cracked because of the cold buttercream? and how long should i put my cake in the fridge before applying fondant on it?

Nadine A.

I don’t crumb coat in buttercream. I use ganache to crumbcoat in but I let my ganache sit in the fridge overnight before I put my fondant on. And usually I puit my fondant on right after I take it out of the fridge.

As for the cracking not sure if this will help or not.. it seems everyone has their own techniques and favorite brands. I used to use powdered sugar with my satin ice roll out but that was when i got tons of cracking. It dried the fondant out to quickly.

The best success I have has was with sweetwise’s MAT. It gets seasoned with shortening once and then you roll between 2 sheets of vinly. Basically it keeps the air away from the fondant while rolling so it does not dry it out. And I don’t have to handle it at all. I use the vinyl to help get the rolled fondant on the cake.


I do the same as Primacakesplus. I do ganache and leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning using a paint brush I use Hot water to brush over the cake. I use Bakels brand fondant with a bit of icing sugar on the board and place it on straight away. Humidity will make the fondant sag. You would just have to do it quickly…

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I use buttercream under my fondant. Sometimes I put it in the fridge first, sometimes I don’t. I spray the crusted buttercream with water before covering with fondant to allow it to stick better. Maybe try rolling out your fondant with some shortening on your table/rolling pin? Shortening sometimes helps give your fondant more stretch and keeps it from getting sticky which can help avoid those cracks.

Nikki, So Cal,

the thing is it became wet and humid, you could see some condensation on it

Nadine A.

Can you post a photo of what it looks like?

From your recent comment about the fondant becoming “wet and humid”, I’m guessing this happens once you place the fondant onto the cake? This actually happened to me last night and I think it was because my cake was too cold (I was carving the cake and had to freeze it before carving . . . I don’t think my filling had completely de-thawed by the time I put the fondant onto my cake). Once I noticed the condensation appear, I just turned on the AC and walked away from the cake for an hour. Thankfully, didn’t have any cracks or rips in my fondant.

too bad, even with the ac on, it stayed humid:(, i think i put it about 20mns in the fridge after icing and crumb coating, next time I’ll keep it for 5 mns.

Nadine A.

Condensation forms on the fondant when the inside of the cake is much colder then the outside. If you put it in the fridge at all it sounds like you will only need to do it long enough for the buttercream to chill and firm up but not long enough for the cake or filling to get cold. Hopefully that will help! If it does gather condensation again just let it sit (in front of a fan might be best) and let the cake dry and reach room temp. Just don’t touch it until it drys completely or you can leave fingerprints!

Nikki, So Cal,