Unable to find how to send a private message

Sometimes I like to reply to a question on a photo post by private message, to be sure the individual sees my response. I have been unable to figure out how to send a private message on the updated site. Would someone a whole lot smarter than I please give me directions? Thanks so much, in advance.

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it is not an easy task. You go to my messages. From there you click on new messages. Now here is the fun……not…part. Choosing the recipient can take you foreverrrr. I think I was cross eyed by the time I found your name to send you something to make sure it went thru.

Goreti beat me to it!! Posted exactly what I was going to say!! I think the big difficulty is the drop down menu. I believe it’s a list of decorators each person follows. But list isn’t in alphabetical order. So you literally have to scroll and scroll. Not very efficient. I’d much rather just type in a name and be done with it. Or click on a envelope icon on a decorators page.
Michal & Martin….a fix please.

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Thank you Goreti and June! I agree with both of you, that sounds like an unnecessarily difficult route to send a message. It was very easy before the update to the site. Maybe someone will change it. Thanks, again.

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To make the search for a recipient a bit easier is to type the first letter and keep typing it until you find the person. For example, I typed S for Sandra and I was able to find you quite quickly. I hope it helps. I do agree it need improvement.


Darina, typing letter does not seem to be an option when I used my iPad. I did actually turn on my computer to test it there and it does give me that option. I guess it depends on what you are using.

I just checked on my iMac and the option to add a letter is not available to me either. Thanks, Darina.

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I am adding back the SEND MESSAGE button on the member page. Thanks for the patience :)

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Thank you so much, Martin!

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