Is there still no topic any more on the collaborations people keep asking….
Plus is cakesdecor not very active anymore, i found it one of the best sites ever, but lately you hear so little from it why is that ?

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Michael had created a specific category for Cake Collaborations under the Forum heading two years ago. But the category doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Don’t know why.
As far as cakesdecor being “active”. It can only be as active and busy as members are I involved on the site. I don’t have as much time to devote to CD as I use to. At least 70% of my followers haven’t been active on CD from 2-3 years. Many of the original decorators who joined on the site are either so busy with their professional cake business, there just not active, or there lives have changed significantly so they don’t have the time to participate. And many of the original members are not involved in cake decorating anymore.

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

i know June it is such a shame because it is a great concept this site.
Still i hope it will come back as it was .

Well Jacqueline there are always cycles in popularity. Cupcakes and cupcake shops were soooo hot here about 4 years ago. All gone now, the bubble burst, craze gone. Many jumped on the cake decorating bandwagon too, only to tire of it in a few years. I have found there are more cake decorating Facebook pages now. Literally hundreds. That’s where a lot of decorators are involved.
I’m still an active member here. Enjoy my daily morning fix looking at all the great cakes.

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

It’s normal that people don’t always have time. I can’t come here everyday but I come everytime I can.
I just think the editor himself is less active. Probably has other things in his life that keep him busy. For instance some time ago, everyday there was an editor’s choice, now the currently editor’s choice was 7 days ago. And there were some really good cakes during that time. This is one of the things that keeps this alive.
Also the gazette was a really nice thing but I undertand that it takes mus time and it’s not easy for just one person to make it.

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i think you are right Betty

Hi Jacqueline, there is a cake collaborations forum category under the ‘forum’ header. I have been a member here for a long time and I will always keep coming back, because it’s the most friendly, helpful, inspiring cake website there is. There have been a lot of original members become inactive, but their work still remains on here and I get pretty nostalgic when I stumble across an ‘old’ design, which is great. I will never give up cake decorating because I love it and I will always use cakesdecor for inspiration. As for Michal not doing such regular editors choices anymore, I know since he started this site, he has many others to take care of and has also started a family, so I think I can forgive his absence. Hope this helps xx

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