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I'm losing my mojo...

I have a few orders, but not enough, and most of the quotes I send out go unanswered.
I know I am pretty competitively priced, and I am positive and excited when I speak to customers via email and on the phone.
The fewer orders I get, the less motivated I am to continue working, even to finish the orders I have.
I am so down.

-- Heaven in paper cups!

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I think we all go through this at some point. I answer a lot of email and phone inquires as well and many do not place an order. People want awesome cakes but don’t want to pay the price for the cake. People always want the wow without the high price tag. They want an fabulous cake for a grocery store price and that just isn’t realistic. I am also priced competitively. It takes time to build a good base of customers who will pay your price and appreciate the work you put into your cakes. Hang in there this is a game of patience as well as talent :) Most people’s cake buying experience is limited to their local grocery store so they compare us to that – and they only see the price tag not the quality ingredients, freshness and custom design. Hang in there :)


Your cakes are really good. I only do cakes for family and friends. I have occasionally done a few for pay, but very few. I enjoy each cake when it’s done! But if I tried to do this as a business, I think I’d be very discouraged (and tired)! Best of luck to you and if you love what you do, keep going :)


Like Jan, I’m just a family and friends cakey person! I have read such comments a few times over the past few months. I think all of those here who do this as their income and business would encourage you to continue, I know in many avenues of life we can give our all and feel we get no where. I do sincerely hope things pick up and your get up and go that feels like it has got up and gone, soon returns. My very best wishes – Chris 😀👍🏻

Sandra Smiley

Angel, everyone is right….most people are clueless when it comes to designer cakes, the cost of materials, the hours required to create, the talent, etc. I am a hobby baker who has sold a few cakes and when I quote a price, I make it worth my while, whether or not I am competitive. Of course, a lot of folks do not call back , but I do not care in the least. I have no desire to make cakes for those who do not appreciate them. Walmart is the perfect place for them to cake shop!


I saw this on Pinterest the other day and saved it !! Very apt 👍🏻

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

Thanks all. I hope I can get my mind right again…

Angel Rushing

chin up! This time next week you’ll feel differently

Karen's Kakery

This time of the year is always quiet for me, but May onwards usually picks up again. I too often answer mails but get no reply, and often people leave it so near to the date to request a cake I either have to burn the midnight oil or unfortunately turn down a request. Customers often think you can produce something amazing but cheap in a few hours. Enjoy the quiet time and pace yourself to enjoy the work you have while you have the luxury of time xx