I am a hobby baker and self taught cake decorator who just started baking cakes for my children, then grandchildren. I got the "bug" to try to improve my caking skills when I started watching cake shows on tv. Then I looked on the internet and youtube and watched lots of videos, and tutorials. Got some supplies......and here I am. Enjoying my hobby immensely and I love making people happy with cakes.


I had no idea you were on here!!! How exciting! You know I’m just one of your biggest fans! Now if we can just get you to make a Facebook fan page! ;)


Thank you for checking out my cakes Jan14grands (I like the name). Do you have 14 grandchildren?

Toni, Pennsylvania, https://www.facebook.com/WhiteCraftyCakes

Hi Peggy!! I finally found this site and I love it. Toni, well, I now have 17 going on 18!! (But I’m a YOUNG grandma :)

HE is my rock and my strong tower

Oh my goodness that is amazing! How many children do you have? I only have three grandchildren (4, 2 &1), but they keep this grandma pretty busy as I babysit them 10 hours a day while their parents work.

Toni, Pennsylvania, https://www.facebook.com/WhiteCraftyCakes

We have 4 daughters. I am busy for sure as 11 of them live close to me. The youngest is 1 and the oldest is 21. Oops, I may have just given away my age :) Wow, you babysit 3 little ones 10 hours a day? I give you so much credit. I know how hard that is. My 37 yr. old daughter who has 4 kids – ages 3-12, found out she had breast cancer last year and has undergone chemo, and reconstruction. So I filled in the gap and it was very hard. She is doing so well now.

HE is my rock and my strong tower

I’m so glad your daughter is doing well now! Cancer is such a scary thing! Your cakes are all so lovely! Cake making is only a hobby for me also. It is so much fun to make beautiful creations for friends and family!

Toni, Pennsylvania, https://www.facebook.com/WhiteCraftyCakes

thanks you – it sure is scary. I appreciate you liking my cakes – I enjoy it so much.

HE is my rock and my strong tower

I just saw your work and loved looking thru all you fantastic designs. I am following your page, so I can see more great work from you! :)

Nancy (Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering)

Thank you so much for the follow, truly flattered x

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Hi Jan i just found your cakes, they are beautiful x

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