Peggy Does Cake


Peggy Does Cake

Nov 2011 1,367 Mississippi

I decorated my very first cake in April of 2010 and it's been my passion ever since. I was a hobby baker until June of 2014, when I left the corporate world after 30 years to pursue cake making as a career. My friends in the cake community mean the world to me. When I'm not designing or decorating a cake, I can usually be found playing around on my Facebook cake page, making or viewing tutorials, writing about cakes, researching/creating/sharing recipes, scouring the web for cakes to share, or talking cake (what else?) with my best cake girls.




Nice to join you on here Peggy xxx


Love your cakes Peggy. Your blog is also a favourite of mine.


Well gosh, I didn’t know we can comment on your profile! LOL- I don’t think I’ve told you this before, but you are the Queen of Fondant Bows and I bow down before you!!

Lesley Wright

Hello, Peggers! xxx


Hello Peggers and Lezzers! :)

designed by mani

loooooove your work peggy!!!!!!!

Frost it Fancy Cakes

I’m a newbie at, and have been reviewing some of the cakes.
Really enjoy seeing your cakes.

= )


Your facebook posts led me to this page! I love to see your work :)

Thanks, Peggy!


Angel Chang

Just joined yes good to find some one I know of! I will slowly get the hang of it and start posting some pictiires of I can pull away from face book long enough lol. Wish I could upload from my iPad! I admire your work so… you are one of those pages/blogs I have to go to daily no matter what! Kudos

Ritsa Demetriadou

Your cakes are amazing!!

Cheeky Munch Cakes

Hi there Peggy! =) Love all your cakes, but love your generous heart the most. =)


Ur cakes are all nice!!!!!


Just wanna know that you and lesley really crack me up! I’m obviously an avid disciple of you and royal bakery in Facebook! You’re like The Dynamic Duo! ;)) Love looking at your cakes, and appreciate your very big, generous heart and of course, your sense of humour! ;)

AWG Hobby Cakes

new follower to your lovely page Peggy x love your workx

Layres Cakes

Hi Peggy,
I am a newbie to but I have always been a fan of your work! Love all of your cakes!