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Edible glaze cleaning help!

Hi all,
Ive recently glazed a model with pme clear edible glaze, I had to spray some in a small bowl and paint it on in places, but how can I clean this stuff out of my brushes and my bowl……any recommendations????
Thanks guys xx :-)

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Hi christine! that stuff is a b***h to get off!! ive got it over my glass table and i literally have to scrub it off with hot soapy water. However there is a glaze and airbrush cleaner available from PME which you just spray on and it comes off pretty well. I dont really use it i just rely on really hot soapy water and that does the job x

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Hi Christine! I use Isopropyl Alcohol which is 99% alcohol. But you need to dip your brushes in it and wash them as soon as possible else your brushes will be ruined.

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oh dear I have the same problem lol. I do not often use it but if I do, I use an old brush and bin it after :/ x

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Thanks for the replies everyone, I think I may have to bin the two brushes I used, but I’ll give the alcohol a try first and it will come in handy for next time! :-)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Use cheap (disposable) brushes and save yourself the trouble! Seriously, this was a recommendation given by Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet. Its one I follow. The other possibility is to use a substitute glaze — I’ve read that diluted corn syrup can be used to give a shine, although I haven’t used it myself.

There is a confectioners glaze thinner by CK, and i use it to clean my bowl and brushes, then i start using paper cups with cheap brushes) As for substitute, just diluted corn syrup will give shine but will take quite a time to dry up, many suggest using corn syrup with alcohol together and for me that worked great on the details on the cake, however I dont think I would use it on flowers, as sometimes it still stays a little sticky.


I would try alcohol too, because I made my own glaze with 99% alcohol and shellac. When I only need a small amount, for example for eyes, I use cotton buds instead of brushes.
I hope that you can save your brushes!

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