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Jan 2015 234 Birmingham, UK

Cakes dont have to be 'cake' shaped and i actively encourage it!! Well, this is what i like to think anyways and it is the reason i started caking! I didnt actually know much about the cakey world just the round and square cakes you used to see at weddings or at supermarkets.

So i embarked on a journey to make cakes in any shape i liked! Ive always been artistic and my dad was a carpenter so i was taught to use powertools from a young age (look out theres a 16 year old running around with a drill) yes that was me haha.

Finally at 30 years old i found my vocation in life. I made a can of carling cake as a pressie to my boyfriend and i loved every minute of it so i decided to take a course on cake decorating and sugarcraft and my obsession started there!

Ive built frames to support many different cakes from a life sized staffy dog to a nissan gtr r35 cake that was so huge it fed 200 people! Even Top Gear presenters commented on it. These were just my early cakes and ive come on a long way since then. Im still learning as there is always something new to learn in cake decorating and this year i am finishing off my qualifications so that i can teach an accredited course in cake decorating in a college! (wish me luck lol)

Im a busy mum of 3 boys. I was still working the night i gave birth to my youngest son and 2 weeks after giving birth i was back baking cakes lol

I intend to make bigger and better cakes this year so watch this space! x

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Hello! I love your cakes, they are just my style…….i’m a new follower. xxx

Gadget Cakes

Hello! Thank you very much! Im a newbie on here lol xx

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Lovely cakes!! New follower!


Hello Hayley! Saw your post on the homepage so wanted to stop by and say hello. I’m based on the Surrey/Hampshire borders and I LOVE your cakes. Don’t lose heart. Keep going. I’m a new follower xxx

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New follow for your fabulous cakes. x

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Hi Hayley new follower here. Awesome work!


Lovely cakes 💖💖
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