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Greatest Showman Elephant balancing on one leg

My good friend put out a cakey SOS for anyone who likes to sculpt animals to take part in his collaboration for the Greatest Showman. Many fabulous artists took part and i was honored to take part alongside some wonderful hugely talented artists!

This was my contribution…meet heffaflump!

She took me 12 hours to make and for inspiration i googled circus elephants…much to my distress!! Those poor animals! Emotion and movement has always been my thing with animal cakes and as a result i decided to have her balancing on one leg. You can see the sadness in her eyes and that came about not because i chose to put it in there but it ended up that way as every photo i used as reference you could see the pain in those majestic creatures eyes. Its kinda a nod and a tribute to the wonderful animals who are still taken advantage of every day. Let them run free!

She is by far one of the best animal cakes ive ever done and im so proud of not only my work but of the work the other artists put into the whole collaboration and also to Rob Baker Gill who organised it all

And guess what? no fancy icing was used in the making of this. Just good old fashioned tesco fondant! and you can do this too!! Ive had a few requests to do this cake as a class so keep your peepers peeled I am planning a two day class for this cake as we speak

If you would like to see the other wonderful works of art also part of this collab then pop over and visit

Hope you like heffaflump as much as I do! There were 2 other elephants involved in our collab lovingly made by the fabulous Zoe burmiester and Becky Jenkins! Go check them out! xxx

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Gadget Cakes

thank you so much xx


Hermosa!!! 😍💖😍

Maira Liboa


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Fantastic piece!!

The Garden Baker

Fabulous work and I agree. No animal should be used and misused for human enjoyment. I can feel the sadness that you so brilliantly captured.



SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Wow! You should be proud, she is wonderful! I love how lifelike she looks, her skin is fabulous. I use tesco fondant too, does a great job!

Olina Wolfs


sCrumbtious Kakes

Brilliant work. Loving your elephant.

Gadget Cakes

aww you guys are amazing so chuffed my elephant was daily top 3!! thank you for your lovely comments everyone! xx


Absolutely the most beautiful life like cake I’ve seen in my life !

il mondo di ielle

oh wow!!


Really a piece of art! Also I love the fact that you were aware of the cruelty and didn’t hide it! ❤

Gadget Cakes

thank you everyone! i cant believe shes the top cake today! amazing! It definitely was an eye opener when i was researching circus elephants its so sad…and its not just the elephants that suffer I was heartbroken im so glad they banned live animals in circuses in the UK I just hope it catches on world wide. I’ve had quite a few requests to do this cake as a class which i am now in the process of planning x

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Greatest Showman Elephant balancing on one leg