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Aston Villa 3D lion Cake AVFC

This cake was a complete nightmare from start to finish because of the heat everything took twice as long and because of the intense heat last saturday the paws and the underbelly melted off!

Luckily I had a cakey friend who let me borrow her airbrush late at night so I could repair it for delivery next day! There was no sleep for me that night. Then to top it all off my car broke down and RAC had to pay for a taxi to get me home from birmingham to lincoln! My car is well and truly broken waaaaaaa.

I got there in the end and lesson learned no gravity defying attempts with RKT and Ganache in the heat. I ended up remaking the arms using tin foil armature lol

The customer was delighted and Aston Villa even saw the cake and asked for photos to be sent in of the young man with his cake so they could put it in their newsletter!

The lion was huge. He was 26" tall and all cake apart from his paws. It was so heavy I couldn’t lift it and it took 2 men to carry it from the car to the venue haha.

Hope you guys like it xx

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June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Very cool!!! Sorry about all the trouble…

Nanna Lyn Cakes

Brilliant! Glad to hear all turned out well in the end

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Aston Villa 3D lion Cake AVFC