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It could happen to you

I just wanted to warn you all (if you haven’t already seen or heard of it) but today FACEBOOK shut down my page.
Yes I had a profile page in me name of ‘Cakesby Carol’ and thought a while go to change it to my actual real name but with one thing and another I completely forgot.
Well it happened!!!
No warning at all just when I went to log on I couldn’t and through so many ‘clicks’ here and there pop ups saying that I had to change it to a page and not a profile. They give you an option to download all your data – which I have done but I cannot access it so therefor I have lost everything. Contacts, messages, photos etc etc.
I have spent hours trying to do this and trying to find help from FB but as some of you will know there isn’t much.
So I had to set up a new profile account and to be honest I am beginning to think is it really worth it?
So if you haven’t already changed your cakey name on your profile page………. best do it now xxxx



I have on my profile page my name and you were allowed to add a nickname that is where I have Dubey Cakes .. and as an add on to my profile page I have a Dubey Cakes business page .. so if you might just want to add a nickname as your business page.. i would have a friend that has access to your facebook page do some screen shots so you can get your picture,, but I would just write facebook they do respond and fix things.. I have had them help me before and they were pretty quick..

Dubey Cakes

Thank you Bethann I have tried to message them but can’t find it anywhere


Carol I can still view your page, the one that’s tagged at the end of your message above X

I can still view your page too!!

Yep that is still there but they deleted my profile page which its attached too. Its taken me hours to sort out and had to set up another ‘normal’ page. it’s a good job I don’t rely on it for business but very upsetting and stressful :(
Thank you for your support xxxxx


Yes th5ry are strict on Personal profiles acting as a page.

Your personal profile must be legitimately personal as they use profile stats for advertising revenue.

A page is your business and free to advertise and sell.

This is one more reason why I like Google+ thier rules are not so strict and pseudo names are allowed. It’s just a shame there’s not more of you over there as G+ is heavily linked to google search-ability which a few of you have already read my rants about fb previously ;)

Naomi AKA Cairns Cake Lady, Australia or or

I’ve heard they were cracking down on personal pages, I’m sorry that happened to you.
I’ve been meaning to get on Google+… for about a year now. :/ Maybe I’ll get myself sorted and give it a go… by 2016!

Nicole ---

They are doing that with many of my friends. They seem to want your given name to identify you. Now if someone else has your same name I have no idea how they handle that. I lost my page too and luckily had saved all of my photos to Pinterest so still had them. A pain to have to re-post and a bit uncomfortable when people post likes on old photo they have probably seen in the past. I get annoyed with Facebook from time to time over their policies but then something happens like finding a long lost nephew that I haven’t seen in 31 years. Tomorrow thanks to Facebook we are meeting for breakfast! So is Facebook worth it? I think it depends on how you want to use it. Here is the contact information I have for Facebook, hope it helps.
Facebook, Inc., Attention: Department 415, PO Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303