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120 cupcakes

hi all, I need some advice (again!) from anyone who has done cupcake orders this big before…..
How did you set them up? Were they all on one stand or something else? Did you make your own stand, or rent one? Any advice for me at all lol?

Thanks in advance for your help!!


-- Karen,


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

The most I’ve done have been 50 Karen. You can make your own stand/stands many ideas on Pinterest. Usually the bride has ideas for the set up. Whatever you decide, making your own, rental, you will have to pass the expense onto your price. If it’s rental, make sure you have a deposit for the full amount. Know stories where the rental stands weren’t returned and decorator was out $$$. Also, you really need to check out the venue and see where you will be setting up, and how they can accommodate your cupcakes.

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Hi Karen, I have made that many cupcakes at a time. I just made over 150 for a swim team banquet. I always display them on a cupcake stand. Here is one that the bride purchased, and gave to me after the wedding. I now use it all the time, and just change out the scrapbook paper that I attach to the back with double sided sticky tape. You can also remove each of the tiers for when you are serving smaller amounts of cupcakes.

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Here is a picture of the same cupcake stand with the large bottom tier removed, and the background paper and ribbon changed.

The Little Cake Company

Thanks June and Tony for the reply! June- I havent yet checked out the venue, will def do that this weekend!!!

Tony- would you be able to tell me the diameter of each tier? And how many cupcakes were in the first pic in total (sorry to be a pain!!)

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

Hi Karen, I think this is the tower that Toni is showing you. I have one and it is a great stand. The site tells you dimensions and how many cupcakes fit on each configuration.

The Little Cake Company

Thanks so much Prima cakes…. that site is really helpful!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Karen, I had about 120 cupcakes on the stand, but if you use the top tier, and the below the bottom of the last tier, you could easily fit many more. The tier measurements are 10 inch, 16 inch, 22 inch, and 28 inch.

Enza - Sweet-E

Hi Karen I’ve also done large cupcake orders. my cupcake stand can hold approx. 75 cupcakes, the balance are kept in boxes and the stand is replenished as needed..HTH :)

Blossom Dream Cakes - Angela Morris

Hi Karen, you can also build your own using iced and ribboned cake drums and cake pillars. I’ve done it a few times and you can customise to your requirements. Easy to work out exactly what you need too by fiddling at home with various board sizes and cupcake cases til you have the configuration that suits. I secure the pillars and boards together using royal icing x

The Little Cake Company

seriously, I am reaching through the computer and giving you all virtual hugs. This was stressing me out lol thanks for all your ideas and help!

Nom Nom Sweeties

I do cupcake orders for weddings quite often, I’ve done a 300 cupcake order before.
If it’s my event, (like my kid’s birthday or something) I use my own stand. However, after several thefts and damage to my stands I decided to not offer them for customers anymore. I actually tell them about pinterest and that stand posted above that they can purchase. I’ve had customers make their own stands and customers just have the table set up in different levels and place the cupcakes all over it. I’ve even set them up on a flat table before. Whatever the customer wants/provides.