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Tasters......To charge on not to charge...!

Hi everyone,

I have a lovely couple who have booked (and paid a deposit) for their wedding cake later this year. I always provide Vanilla and Chocolate cake samples free of charge at the consultation and hand them to the customer as they are leaving so that they can try them at home and feel no pressure!

The customer said that they loved them and asked for samples of a further two flavours. I deliberated as to whether I should charge for them but as they are such a nice couple and had already paid the deposit I decided to provide them free of charge.

However, they have now come back to me and said that they loved one but were not so keen on the other, and could they have another 3 samples of different flavour cakes (they are having a 4 tier cake).

I am swaying towards charging, after all I wouldn’t expect to go to a restaurant and receive samples of the entire menu for free, equally though I do not want to spoil relations with the customer by saying no……

Have any of you guys experienced something like this..? Any advice / shared experiences will be greatly appreciated!!

Happy caking
Jen xx

-- Jen x

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Calli Creations

It’s up to you really, I have charged for mine, not much and make 4" sample cakes. If they are coming back for more flavours, maybe it might be good to mention to them that there would be a small fee and explain why?

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

I have had my fingers burned one time too many, so I don’t do anything for free.
Give people an inch and they will take a mile.
If you’d like to give something free – like you do with the chocolate & vanilla then stipulate that they get those with the deposit and further “taste tests” will cost them a fee.


i would charge them … it is just as you said , in a restaurant you have to pay tot taste this is going to go out of proportions

Karen's Kakery

I don’t charge for my cakes at the initial consultation and provide three flavours usually, Vanilla, Chocolate and Lemon, and give one of each flavour which I cut in half so they can share and not feel too full of cake which confuses the flavours anyway. We have tea and the clients taste the cake while we’re talking through the details and they take another cake of each flavour home to taste again or share with their partner if one of them didn’t attend (often the Bride comes with her Mum). But if they came back for more flavours I’d charge for those or add the cost to the end bill if they had already paid a deposit.

Ellie @ Ellie's Elegant Cakery

Yes Karen that is exactly what I do :) X

The Fairy Cake Mother

Thank you everyone, some great advice! Think it is my fault really for not setting expectations at the start. This is the first time a customer has ever asked for more (and more again!) Guess you never stop learning!!