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Help needed with how to stack book cakes

Hi Everyone,
this week I’m making a stacked book cake, and I’ve not done one before.
I’m planning on making each book separately and then stacking them with a small cake board underneath each one and also cake rods as usual.
But wondered if anyone has different thoughts on how to do this.
I thought this way each book is a separate cake, which would be easier to cut, but I have seen cakes stacked and then fondant covered as one cake too.
How did you do yours???//
Looking forward to hearing from you xx

-- karen,Gwynedd

stack of book cakes


Angel, The Cupcake Lady

I would also do separate cakes for each book and then stack them.

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

I’ve never made one before, but if I were to I’d do it as you say… I don’t think it’d be easy to cover so many ridges and shapes in fondant in one go xx


I did them as separate cakes then stacked them you will find easier x good luck

Bethann Dubey

I did them as separate cakes like Angel each one had a board under it to support it and I put dowel in them to support each book.. just like stacking a tiered cake :)

John Flannery

I also did them as separate cakes

Calli Creations

Not done one, but would do as seperate cakes and stack as you would a tiered cake. I love book cakes. Look forwards to seeing yours

Sonia Huebert

I did mine separately, just like you described and it worked great:) Best of luck to you!! I can’t wait to see it:)

Karen's Kakery

Thank you so much everyone for all your help and also confirmation that I’m on the right track. Be posting it on Thursday xx Thanks again, I know I can always rely on my CD friends xxxxxxx

Fifi's Cakes

Individual cakes on separator boards give so much more scope to the design – that would be my preferred choice (personally speaking) unless the client asks otherwise (eg if they would like the cake books to be cut together in one whole slice if the books they are asking for are thin by design.). Here’s another fab example by Galatia (which I see you have commented on already Karen). I love your Cat in the Hat Sonia! :)

look forward to the outcome Karen!! it will be brilliant, as always xx

Calli Creations

Just logged back in.,, and seen Galatia’s cake, she’s currently in a deserved place in top three :)

Lisa Templeton

its absolutely awesome!

Calli Creations

Isn’t it just, Lisa :) xx

Karen's Kakery

Yes I’ve already spotted this one. It’s Awesome xx I think I know what I’m doing now. My cake is a tribute to a Mother from her daughter and an amalgamation of the loves and interests. Books- Chickens – and a cute little Jack Russell called Betsy.

Calli Creations

Sounds fabulous Karen, can’t wait to see, sounds really special xx

Karen's Kakery

Thanks Calli, thanks Fiona, and thanks everyone for your amazing support xxxxxxxxxxxxxx