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Here in the Netherlands there’s a ‘company’ that uses cakepictures of other, often famous, bakers as if they were made by herself.

For example; she posted a picture of a cake from Cortons & Crumbs and there were people who gave her compliment. Her answer: ‘thank you’…..

It’s so brutal. With a group of baking girls we are busy tagging the original deisgners/bakers but she continues and this is so frustrating!

We also informed facebook that it is not appopriate and hope they will delete this page. She removes the negative reactions and blocks people who gave a negative reaction….

Peggy Porschen is takin steps and so do others. If you want to check out if there’s a cake off yours on the page you can check it out her: https://www.facebook.com/taartenwereld.tilburg?ref=ts&fref=ts

-- All my cakes are made to make you and me smile!


Callie Calico

WOW, you aren’t kidding! She is claiming several Maggie Austin’s cakes, and many cakes I have seen here! I mean really, claiming you made William and Kate’s wedding cake on Facebook? It’s almost laughable. Crazy!

Flappergasted Cakes

And what about the Verusca walker snake cake.. As if!!! It’s ridiculous :/

Callie Calico

I messaged Maggie Austin on her Facebook page. Maybe if more cake artists knew about it, Facebook will do something.

Julia Hardy

It is totally ridiculous! If you have the patience to scroll all the way down to 2012, you can see the true standard of her work!


Wow, almost all the cakes on there belong to others. What a nerve!

Taartjes van An (Anneke)

if you leave a comment that what she’s doing isn’t legal she start to send you private messages that she has friends who can visite you. I left several comments but I’m blocked now ;-)


I’ve been blocked by someone else too. She was doing the same thing actually thanking people for their comments.


Appalling behaviour! I can never get my head round why people do this?

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

This is why it’s more and more important to watermark everything. At least then your name appears and it’s obviously been stolen…


Hehe I can no longer comment on that page and she has removed my comments. At least, I kept her busy for awhile.

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

I’ve posted a couple of tweets – she can’t delete or block those.

Taartjes van An (Anneke)

Goreti I saw your comments and I knew that dhe would remove this.., it’s sad :(


Unfortunately this happens a lot! These people think they can just use other peoples photos as if they are their own! Here is another person doing the same thing! https://www.facebook.com/Bitty26 More than 50% of the photos are not hers! I have sent multiple messages to her and she did remove my photo but she just does not think she is doing anything wrong! I tried to get her removed but since she does not have one of my photos on her page now I can not do anything. I hope you can get her page taken down!


The funny thing is most of these people it is sooo easy to spot their work. There is usually a huge different in the work that I am so surprised that the people commenting don’t spot it.

Taartjes van An (Anneke)

I really don’t understand it at all…….