I am not a professional cake artist, but I love admiring cake art. I'm excited to say, I will be taking my first cake decorating class in April 2014. Who knows maybe some day I will be able to post a cake that is worthy of this site! :)


Hi Callie…nice to meet you and thank you for the following…i’m looking forward to see your cake creation and for sure you will be able to post gorgeous cake her <3 xxx


Thank you Sweet Lin, I enjoyed viewing all of your art. How could I not follow you? :)

Hi Callie, thank you for following! It’s lovely to meet you and I’ll look forward to seeing your first cakes after April! xx

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Hi Callie. You’re my first follower!! Many thanks. Good luck with everything, I hope it works for you. I started just as hobby and I love it so much that started my own business. Everyone says you need patience for cake decorating but actually I don’t have any! Just do it cos I love it! Be happy :) x

I’m glad to meet all of you. I can’t wait to get started. :)

Hi Callie, thank you for the follow. I can’t wait to see your first cake in here. Good luck! :) x

Hi Callie, thank you for the follow, can’t wait to check your cakes :)

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