Callie Calico


Callie Calico

Aug 2013 31 San Antonio, Texas

I am not a professional cake artist, but I love admiring cake art. I'm excited to say, I will be taking my first cake decorating class in April 2014. Who knows maybe some day I will be able to post a cake that is worthy of this site! :)



Hi Callie…nice to meet you and thank you for the following…i’m looking forward to see your cake creation and for sure you will be able to post gorgeous cake her <3 xxx

Callie Calico

Thank you Sweet Lin, I enjoyed viewing all of your art. How could I not follow you? :)

Blossom Dream Cakes - Angela Morris

Hi Callie, thank you for following! It’s lovely to meet you and I’ll look forward to seeing your first cakes after April! xx


Hi Callie. You’re my first follower!! Many thanks. Good luck with everything, I hope it works for you. I started just as hobby and I love it so much that started my own business. Everyone says you need patience for cake decorating but actually I don’t have any! Just do it cos I love it! Be happy :) x

Callie Calico

I’m glad to meet all of you. I can’t wait to get started. :)

Cake Explosion!

Hi Callie, thank you for the follow. I can’t wait to see your first cake in here. Good luck! :) x

Little Apple Cakes

Hi Callie, thank you for the follow, can’t wait to check your cakes :)