My name is Anita Smith and my main job (for now) is looking after children. I am a full time childminder.
I started making cakes for my 2 children's birthdays 9 years ago but then I was asked by friends to make their children's cakes and slowly I started having quite a few orders so I decided to register my hobby as my second business.
So all my cakes are made during the night. Sometimes I don't go to bed at all and literally stay up all night to create them.


Hello Anita :) Thanks for the nice comment.

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Hi Anita, thank you so much for the follow :)

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Anita thank you for following me and your lovely comments…I am also a fan of your page :)


You have a new follower! You do so cute cakes!!! xxx


Thank you do much Arantxa and thank you for your lovely comments on my cakes :)
I just had a look at your art creations and Wow! I love it!!! You are so talented! I wish I could draw like you! You have a new follower too :)

My goodness, I’ve just read your description and it could be me!! I also often have to stay up all night although I’m wondering how efficient I am in the middle of the night! New follow as I loved your skittles cake and I’m also in the uk.xx

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