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Facebook is changing the rules for pages.

There are big changes coming, not great for those of you like me who cannot afford the exorbitant fees imposed by Facebook to be seen.

I would be more than happy to do as one friend suggested and pay a $10 annual fee, like a domain name. But to have to pay a minimum of $5 a day for the privilege to be seen? I simply cannot afford it.

Check out what they announced in a recent official facebook business article:

“We dug further into the data to better understand this feedback. What we discovered is that a lot of the content people see as too promotional is posts from Pages they like, rather than ads.”

Now I don’t know who they surveyed but it was definitely not the cake community nor other artistic, blogging, and other small community type page fans.

Facebook state:

“We’re always thinking about how to make News Feed better, and this update is part of a larger, ongoing effort. By making News Feed more engaging for people — with Page post creative that is more relevant to them — we’re also creating a better platform for businesses to reach their customers and find new ones.”

Many social networking commentators interpret this as pay up or be hidden.

My personal opinion is that Facebook will no longer be important to me as a page owner. I feel that concentration on my blog and google+ will give me back the interaction I loved pages for.

Instead we’re now hounding friends to jump through hoops to help us be seen. And posts like this are floating around on page after page.

But that’s not right. It’s borderline begging and futile really as most people use mobiles to access fb not a desktop.

Facebook has taken away the community spirit from pages, and pushed me to look at other networks. I am feeling so much more interaction with google+ groups and even here on Cakesdecor.

I am preparing to lower Facebook in my priority list – and I actually think it’s a good thing! Old fashioned blogs and forums seem to be making a huge comeback.

What do you think?
Have you already noticed a drop in reach?

-- Naomi AKA Cairns Cake Lady, Australia or or

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Julia Hardy

That is very interesting Naomi. I am not on FB but have been meaning to start a page – not so sure now :-/ x


I noticed a drop in reach at least for a few weeks now :-(

Allways Julez

My FB cake page has been a low priority for me, for quite some time… due to problems with my feed and being seen. I really only check in when I have something to post.
I have found CD far more rewarding as far as satisfaction goes. I try to visit here everyday, except when I am away travelling. I get to see every post made, by those I choose to follow. Love the search options, too.
Wonderful community atmosphere.
Guess it depends on what is important to you. I personally don’t need 1000’s of non-interactive followers, that never see my posts….


Julez, I agree with you about CD being a great place to interact with cake community but to attract customers, we need FB … Maybe I should start a blog?

Allways Julez

I guess that is where I differ, Dina.
I created my fb page to help determine whether it would be viable for me to go into business. I eventually decided against it, due to many factors. Now, I only create for family and a couple of close friends. I do not create for profit and have no need to attract customers.

Sugargourmande Lou

Facebook certainly DO have us all over a barrel, that’s for sure, and as for your idea of paying a subscription fee, I’m sure if the pricing options were fair a lot of us would be more than willing to pay, but all this ‘boost post’ payment nonsense seems to be a bit of daylight robbery at the moment !! I know of people who HAVE paid to boost, and have seen absolutely NO difference in their reach, so for me, I won’t give in to that kind of marketing. FB IS however, my only shop window – not only is it a worldwide fan page, but it’s also where I gain my local business, and so trying to get what I do out there (other than word of mouth) is increasingly difficult (I’m lucky that I do have a loyal client base, but I can’t expect THEM to keep sharing what I’m up to ). In saying that though, we have had the pleasure of a free ride and a virtual rent-free ‘store’ for the last couple of years, so perhaps it IS time to look for different premises (god knows where :-/ )
Whatever is it FB decide to do to help or penalise pages, it’s all become very disheartening, and I do think they will lose potential business traffic simply because we decide to step away. I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat with head in hands and said ’What’s the point ?!’ and been ready to walk away from everything (ahhhh, just imagine all that wonderful head-space we’d gain back ;) ) BUT, such is the world of Facebook, and I suppose it’s their way or the highway … I’ll toddle along as long as I can, I’ll go ‘visit’ the friends I’ve made, I’ll pass comment, I’ll plant hearts … and time will tell. I’ve given up second-guessing what their grand schemes and masterplans are, so will take what’s available and make sure I have plenty more projects on my to-do lists for whenever my little cake world burns out (anyone fancy learning how to plaster ?? :D ) xx

Allways Julez

Hahaha Lou… love that last sentence. I am currently learning how to bog and repair motor vehicle panels on a car restoration project… the skills of masking and covering cakes is transferring to the new project quite nicely.
Am sure plastering will be “a piece of cake” for you! xxx

Sugargourmande Lou

I agree with Dina on the CD/FB point … Interaction is fab here, but we ARE all cakers so it’s all mutual territory … FB on the other hand is one giant shopping mall and you’re not always going to have the footfall past YOUR ‘shop’ … Blogging however, DOES seem to work when done right, and I do think it takes away some of the sell, sell, sell pressure by allowing us to be more of who we are and can bring people in to more of a ‘chatty’ relaxed environment where we’re free to throw in random thoughts, build up a patchwork of things we see and find … and still throw in a cake or 2 !

Sugargourmande Lou

Hahaha Julez !! If you’re anything like me you’ll have a list of ‘I want to have a go at that’ challenges as long as your masking tape !!! Sounds like a fab project !!! xx

Cake Decor in Cairns

I agree with you all about CD being a wonderful environment. And I actually find it much easier to gush over my cake crushes and feel supported in my own cake journey.

I disagree with FB being a huge source of customers for most. I find the higher a pages numbers from abroad, the less they are actually reaching their target audience which is their local towns.

I am fully convinced that some participation on google+ with a business page that lists your contact details and a map is going to put you in touch with far more customers.

What’s the world’s largest search engine? Google right?!

So why wouldn’t you want to be listed on it as a business or a blogger?

Linking your google+ business page to your website or blog to get you found.

Once this is done you can link in with your own local directories for example in Australia we have

I used to spend far too much time on Facebook, then I realised that empty likes mean little and that I would be far better to invest my time on my actual cake decorating journey not fakebook.

(Although I admit this is an emerging process and I still log on to fb daily – but I see that changing once these new fb business changes are put into place)

Sugargourmande Lou

See, now I haven’t even looked into Google+ … Another thing for my To-Do list ! Thanks Naomi ! x

Cake Decor in Cairns

Lou when you do you can find me here:

Personal Profile (blog author)

Business Page:

Enza - Sweet-E

Naomi I just took a look at your business page it’s awesome…was it complicated to set up? I too find the reach is rediculous on Facebook. A friend of mine also paid to boost a posting and made absolutely no difference! But I must say I do get customers through Facebook.


Thanks Naomi for all the info you provided <3

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Not surprised by any of this from FB. My husband said once FB went public, they would be beholden to the share holders….hence….making MONEY!!!! That becomes the top priority….NOT the customer/consumer. This happens almost 100% of the time when a company joins the stock exchange and becomes a public traded company. The original owner…like Mark Zukerman from FB…makes BILLIONS……win-win for him. At first the changes on FB were subtle…but gradually….$$$ for service started to creep in, ie: promoting your cakes. I can see the day where there maybe the possibility that you may have to pay to join FB. Could happen. We all got sucked in…were in trenched in the FB social media….hard to extract ourselves from it…… 💔 💔