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Shannon (Sweet ObsesShan)

Hi Everyone,
I am a mom of 5 children ages 28, 25, 20,15, and 14. One girl (she is the oldest) and 4 boys. I have 2 grandchildren ages 4 and 1. My sweet husband is Ty and he is so supportive of my cake craziness. He even has cleaned up my whirlwind of a mess after a cake while I am delivering or in the hot bath (love that man). I am truly blessed.
I have been in nursing, made jewelry and clothes, made furniture, made turned wooden pens on a mini lathe, made stained glass, made quilts and purses, all sorts of craft stuff, and now cakes.
My cake adventure has really been on going for 20 years. I made my kids birthday cakes and had been told several time “you need to do this for a living”, and each time I was like no way I have 5 kids and no time for that, plus I didn’t think they were that great anyway.
My first cake for outside the family was a few years ago for a baby shower at church and people went crazy about it (trust me it was not that great), then a pig for our church BBQ. That is when a friend called me and asked for a fire truck. Of course I said sure even though I didn’t know what I was doing, so I searched the internet for everything about cakes and an obsession was born. I even made a small figure of a fireman and dog.
I loved everything I saw and wanted to learn more. I am self taught and have learned a lot from you tube videos.
My cake name came from when I was making jewelry and my name was ObsesShan Designs, so I just added the Sweet and there you have Sweet ObsesShan. I still have some of that jewelry from 25 years ago, oh the 80’s, hahaha.
I love all my new cake friends, you guys are the best. So supportive and just when I think this is it I am done with cakes and one has given me fits, you guys build me up with all of your sweet comments and compliments. It is pretty crazy how everyone rallies together for a common love, “cake”. I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful cake adventure.
Have blessed cake adventures.
Love you guys to pieces,

-- Shannon of Sweet ObsesShan

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Little Apple Cakes

Wonderful story Shannon, I always thought your cake name was so original :) It’s great to know a bit more about you :)

Sweet ObsesShan

Thank you Selma, I didn’t even think to go back to that name until this past year.

Allways Julez

Love your story, Shannon…. especially the sentence which shows that I am not alone, in creating quite a mess! Continue to enjoy your cakey adventure, because I do believe CD is an amazing, friendly and supportive space! xxx

Sweet ObsesShan

Thank you Julez, yeah sometimes it looks like a cake exploded in my kitchen, dinning room, etc.

Allways Julez

ha ha Shannon… I read about people that have a special room dedicated to caking… but maybe that would just allow me to spread further!

Sweet ObsesShan

haha Julez I would take over much more if allowed.

Enza - Sweet-E

Hi Shannon, love your story and the fact that your hubby has actually cleaned up for you and you have 5 children…so amazingly impressed that you can do it all and your beautiful cakes as well!!! xx


Hi Shannon….it’s nice to know more about you and happy to have cakey friend like you <3 xx

Elli Warren

Hi Shannon!! So lovely to read about you!! What a busy and exciting life! Lovely to meet you on CD and love all your cakes!!! :-) x

Mira - Mirabella Desserts

Lovely story Shannon! I can relate to the balancing act involved in trying to make cakes while having a brood of kids, I have 4 myself. Love your cake and so nice to learn more about you! :) xx

The Custom Piece of Cake

Hi Shannon,
Lovely to meet you on CD, nice store and absolutely brilliant cakes, you are very talented

Shani's Sweet Creations

That is so cool Shannon, love your story. I am also a jewelry artist turned self taught cake artist. My cake journey is so similar to your own. Thanks for sharing your story! Your work is gorgeous and inspiring!

Mandy's Sugarcraft

Hi Shannon, nice to meet you :-)

Happyhills Cakes

Your cakes are cool, great to meet you :)

Sweet ObsesShan

Thank you Enza, honestly sometimes it is pretty stressful but the end product usually makes it all better. My family is so supportive. Love you work as well.