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best white choc u.k?

Hi everyone, im hoping to make a white choc ganache tier on a cake and wondered if anyone knows the best brand of white chocolate to make it with, here in england. I want the whitest one I can find, as ive always used chocolate that is quite yellow looking. I want it as white as it comes for this cake. Ive seen Raewyns trick of adding a few tiny specs of sugarflair violet colour to buttercream to get that whiter and that will probably work for white ganache too. But, as I watch tutorials on youtube, their choc always looks really white! Thanks in advance for suggestions ;-)

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I use Valhrona super tasty and great quality but it is yellow.

Lori-Ann,The Cake Studio Cayman,

Hi Christine! I use callebaut belgium chocolate for white, dark and milk chocolate ganache, its beautiful chocolate!! I buy mine from the craft company :-) x

Thanks Lori-ann and Elli :-)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

I have been using belcolade recently and I am really happy with it, not that white though (tastes lovely).

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We use Belcolade White Chocolate Easimelt X605/G because we like that it is 29.5% cocoa butter. Tastes great as Roo’s Little Cake Parlour said and makes for a firmer finish in our opinion.
We add a dot of Sugarflair purple/voilet food colour paste as in Raewyn’s video. You can also add some Squires XXtra White food colour paste afterwards to whiten further if needed. (And takes less whitener if you’ve use a minisule amount of purple first.) We also find that white chocolate ganache seems to whiten as it hardens/dries, so experiment by judging its colour after it’s set rather than when it’s runny.

Leslie, Surrey,

thanks for this post and thanks for the tips!! will get straight onto Callebaut and Belcolade for my next project! thank you Christine :) xx

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Thanks everyone for the replies, think I’ll give the belcolade a try :-)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

I use belcolade from HB ingredients and if you whip the ganache up that makes it whiter. I make the ganache. Pop into the fridge for an hour then take it out and mix/whip it with your mixer and that makes it slightly less yellow

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Thanks shereen, ive tried whipped white ganache. Yes, it does turn paler and its smooth and gorgeous and yummy ;-)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

I agree with Eli: Callebaut is fantastic!

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