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Fondant on cake

Hi i am new to Fondant icing and was curious to know – do people eat the fondant covering the cake. I often find it is peeled off when people eat the cake.

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I don’t know if other people does, but me and my wife usually eat it.

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most people I know leave it behind. Personally, i think it’s disgusting.

From my experiences most people eat it – although the odd one won’t. I think the taste may depend on the brand of fondant (although I don’t have much experience with different brands so I’m not much help to make recommendations there sorry).

I believe in the past it was just for decoration but now, depending on brand, they’re actually quite tasty. My favorite is actually a brown chocolate by Fondarific that tastes like Tootsie Rolls!!! :)

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It might be a location thing too. In my area, WY, no one eats fondant that I know of- they specifically ask for the cake to not be covered in it. But, that being said I’m the ‘cake-lady’ in town known for buttercream iced cakes and there are other ladies who only do fondant so maybe their customers like to eat it. I use mine as decoration only and I think 9 times out of ten, those decorations are plucked off before eating. Personally, I wouldn’t eat it on a cake- but I will on a sugar cookie!

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Around me, it definitely depends on the brand you use or whether you make your own! And of course personal preferences – some just don’t like the texture.

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In ireland we all eat icing with the small few exceptions for the fussy people who just generally dont like it. some of the coloured/flavoured ones can taste awful the chocolate flavour fondant for example taste and smells like plastic!! but the plain ones here are usually left on and eaten with the slice of cake.

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Around here it’s about 50/50. I personally don’t like it and try to avoid using it to cover a cake anymore unless requested.

Seems about 50/50 in my experience as well.. I know some people that love it and some that will peel it off or eat or around it. I just try to always use a good amount of buttercream under the fondant so that if someone doesn’t like it they can easily peel it off or eat around it. Personally I don’t think it tastes like anything!

Nikki, So Cal,

I think it depends on the brand. Fondarific has some great flavored fondants (berry, cherry, chocolate, mocha, lemon, orange, etc.). Satin Ice seems to be the one most people prefer.