Becky Pendergraft


Becky Pendergraft

Oct 2011 568 North Carolina

I'm a mom of two who loves baking and cake decorating! I'm trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can along the way :)

-- Becky, North Carolina,



Becky, thanks so much the “moist vanilla cc recipe”! I made them today and they were delicious! I took part of the batter and added strawberry puree, and they turned out great, too. Thanks so much!!

Becky Pendergraft

You’re so welcome and I’m so glad you liked them! It’s definitely my favorite one to use and glad to hear they worked out well with the strawberry puree too! :)


Your cakes are fabulous! I saw the above post and wandered if you would share the “moist vanilla cc recipe”?sorry to be cheeky…i have tried so many and find they are still somewhat dry.

Becky Pendergraft

Zahra, I’d be glad to share! I’m going to post the link that will (hopefully!) take you right to where I posted the recipe for these – they really are my favorite vanilla cupcake recipe – always turn out so nicely! And thanks so much for your sweet comments on my work! :)

The Custom Piece of Cake

Thanks, Becky Pendergraft for recipe, I tried and cupcakes was delicious