I'm a 30-something year old full-time working wife and mother of one. I love cake! Always have. Always will.

I am essentially self taught when it comes to cake baking, decorating etc. The only classes I ever took were the Wilton classes at my local Michaels where I am now an instructor as well. So yes, now I'm a full-time secretary/wife/mother/instructor and in my spare time (HA!) I moonlight as a baker for my friends, family and coworkers. I say moonlight because it seems that all of my caking adventures begin way after the moon has risen and sometimes end right before it goes back down. My husband jokes that if we ever open a shop it should be called Twilight or Moonlight Bakery. When you have a 2 yr old, you can’t do much baking and decorating.

I am nowhere near where I'd like to be and have much to learn. This brings me to why I am here. I've really only been doing this for other people for a year or two. I am always desperate to learn and find that these sites are wonderful places to learn, get inspiration from, share and generally just admire the extraordinary talents of all of you out there in the caking world.