Which brand of fondant do you prefer and why?
Is there a way to flavor fondant?

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Judy Remaly

My favorite is Satin Ice Buttercream Vanilla…it tastes great and is easy to work with. It also stays soft and workable longer than the Wilton fondant. Duff’s fondant is softer and has an oily quality to it. It is good tasting and reminds me of modeling chocolate. I like it better for making 3d character but because of the oiliness it is hard to add any painted areas (like eyes, eyebrows, mouth, animal stipes etc) because it doesn’t stick. LorAnn Oils has a lot of different flavorings which I use in my buttercream. I have not tried it in fondant, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Hope this helps.


I love the taste of Jennifer Dontz’s fondant. I flavor with creme bouquet.

Tiffany Palmer

I make mmf, easy to make and not as expensive as buying outright. I do use Wiltons fondant for figurines and such. I tried Duffs, but it’s way too sticky in my opinion. Haven’t tried Satin Ice but hear good things about it as well as Fondx.

Tiffany Palmer

Oh and I flavor with extracts…have seen some flavor with jello packets but have not done that myself.


I make marshmallow fondant too….I’ve actually NEVER used store bought fondant ever…crazy huh! the only flavor I add is a drop or two of LorAnn’s almond oil…..I don’t know that anyone actually eats the fondant decorations I make so I don’t worry too much on the flavor- mostly I add the almond flavor for the nice smell :)


I’ve used wilton which works okay the only downside is that if you leave it out too long it does get stiff so you have to knead it to get the right consistency again. but i have thought of using satin ice (i’ve heard really good things about it)


I use to use wilton years ago. I started making my own MMF a few years back and I love it. It’s fast and easy and way cheaper than anything else. You can flavor it with extracts, I stopped doing that though, no one eats it but kids so I figure why waste the extracts. Sometimes it’s the only thing my kid eats, she just wants to eat whats “pretty”.

Elena Z

I’ve used Wilton, when I first started, Fondarific and Satin Ice. The latter two taste better and are easier to work with. Fondarific requires very little shortening (or powdered sugar) to roll it out and has an excellent taste, especially the chocolate, tastes like Tootsie Rolls!! :)


Thank you all for your replies. I will take all your suggestions into consideration. I really love this forum. What a great way to learn about cake topics.

Fun Fiesta Cakes

I work better with the Wilton fondant – although I like the flavor of Satin Ice better. Depending on what I’m covering, I’ve combined the two and it has worked just fine…

Peggy Does Cake

I did a fondant review a few months ago. You can click on the chart to enlarge it. Hope you find it helpful!