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Last weekend I purchased a 20 lb bucket of white Satin Ice fondant for the first time. I have purchased their 5 lb buckets of red and black fondant, because I usually make my own (MMF) and I never had any problems. I love the taste and texture.

But last week I had 3 cakes and I just couldnt bother to make any fondant. So I covered all 3 cakes and I noticed that the fondant seems dry and it cracks, can anybody explain why this is happening?

I used chocolate ganache under each cake, and brushed it with water/corn syrup before covering with fondant. I thought that maybe I was rolling the fondant too thick so I tried to roll it thinner and noticed it was still happening. There was even a few little spots where it looked like it was going to rip, but I managed to cover that up with decorations.

Before rolling the fondant I kneeded it with some shortening and I used cornstarch instead of powdered sugar so it wouldnt dry out while kneeding.

Any ideas why this is happening?


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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

I found that if I used cornstarch or powdered sugar when rolling Satin Ice that I would get elephant skin (cracking). My solution was to use the vinyl mats for rolling. This kept the fondant from drying out while rolling it.

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I’ve given up on Satin Ice – every time I use it, no matter how hard I try, the cakes never look smooth – there are always marks, the fondant cracks with the humidity and it never gives me a clean finish. Don’t gasp, but I love the finish of the Wilton fondant – it has never failed me and the cakes always look professional.

Delicia Designs ...

I too have found that if I use cornflour or powdered sugar that the Satin Ice is more prone to cracking! I use a bit of Crisco whenever using Satin Ice and it seems to help.

MzCuteCupcakes ...

PrimaCakesPlus, yes that is exactly how it looked, just like elephant skin. It was so annoying. I rarley get that with my MMF

Wilton’s white fondant is amazing Funfetti!! Their red fondant sucks tho lol it always rips on me, always

I think I’m going to invest in the Mat. I’ve been watching youtube and been seeing good reviews about it, so I think that would be the only thing to help with this universal issue lol

Slice of Sweet Art ...

aside from the mat, you should also avoid using drying agents (corn starch or powdered sugar) and yes, Crisco is a Satin Ice user’s best friend.

miettes ...

Where I live, we don’t have Satin Ice nor Wilton, most professional baking stores carry Italian brands fondant and gum paste. They also have some other European brands but mainly Italian. I get the same problem you mentioned. The fondant rips on the edges. I live in a humid weather and I do use cornstarch (not powdered sugar). So is it the weather and not the brand? or the starch?

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer ...

MZCuteCupcakes… I love my MAT.. it is the best investment I made for using satin ice :)

MzCuteCupcakes ...

I ordered my MAT yesterday, I cant wait until it gets here!!

I do have a small fondant cake for this week, so I’ll be using my Satin Ice again lol this time I’ll try to use shortening when rolling it out…I’ll let everyone know how it goes

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop ...

I used to have trouble with satin ice drying out and causing elephant skin on my cakes until I started using a mat. I roll all my fondant out on a fat daddios 24×36 mat. It works wonders and cracking and wripping are no longer! No need for any cornstarch or icing/powdered sugar. I also use Bakels which I think is amazing white fondant.