Pazzles vs. Silhouette 4

Hello there! I’m planning to buy a cutter for my cake decorations, definitely the cricut cake is out of the picture because of the cartridges, but I found this 2 other options, the pazzles and the silhouette cameo...


Modeling Chocolate and whipped icing 1

Hello, I’m fairly new to this site and am wondering if I might ask a question. I have an order next week for a cake to be covered in whipped icing. I’ll probably use Rich’s Bettercreme. However, the customer would like it to resemble a football...

tupsy cakes

gluing swarovsky on gumpaste?? 2

Hello every body i need to make a christening cake and it has a cross all covered with cristals i’been readding and most say tylose glue :) or RI instead my question is the cross must be dry or it’s ok when still fresh thanks very...


HELP Please, my gumpaste is too soft 4

Hi! I’m new to this website. I bought some Wilton powder to make some gumpaste. It is the second time I do it. The first time everything turned out ok, but this time the gumpaste is too sticky and soft. I made a figurine for my daughter’s...

HELP - Hot Chocolate Calla Lilly Gumpaste Colour 2

I need some help with coloring calla lillies I am making for a friend’s wedding cake which is in a couple of weeks. My friend wants the calla lillies in the deep dark purple/black and I have tried coloring the gumpaste with different...

Another Shoe Question... 4

OK, So I’ve actually looked at EVERY single post on shoe templates, even good, and did Pintrest even instagramed and asked questions left and right, North and South and I can’t seem to get any REAL answers. So I turn to my trust Cakes Decor...


Storing sugar flowers 5

Hello, I’m about to make some sugar flowers (roses) using flower paste and am confused over the best way to store them once done? I’ve read complete opposite opinions. Some say keep them in a cardboard box, therefore not airtight. Some say keep...

Nuria Moragrega - Cake Mistress

Which floral paste does everyone use? 12

I have a potential wedding cake order which will involve making over 100 roses. It will be covering a huge dummy however there will be a real cake slice in there too… the roses on the real cake slice would need to taste nice (at least on the real...

The Sweet Boutique

We are glad to join you! 5

Welcome to The Sweet Boutique, a bakery with sweet treats that "Satisfy All of Your Baking Needs.” Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cookies for all occasions.


Help! How can I darken a gumpaste figure? 10

So I just finished making this gumpaste cake topper and I get it all assembled and in photos i see just how PALE Alice is. My goodness, girl needs some sun! How can I fix this? I tried shading her a bit with some pink petal dust but it doesn’t...

How to Make Gumpaste Sunflower with Stem and Leaves 2

Could someone guide me on a tutorial for making a gumpastes sunflowers with the stem and leaves. I have to make a few for a client in a few days.

working with gum paste 5

Can some one answer my question and how to fix it? Yesterday I was trying to make a topper with gum paste, I could seem to get it to roll with out splitting what was I doing wrong, was the gum paste bad? I’ve made an elephant for my grandbaby’s...

Anand Kumar

Helllo to Gumpaste & Sugar Artists 6

Hi all Bakers and Sugar Artists I am Psychologist with a great passion for Baking and Gum-paste. I conduct workshops around the world. Constant learning, improving and guiding people in baking industry is my sole motive. If you need to reach...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste 12

I know we have forums on many subjects, but is it possible to have a forum for gumpaste, as in figures? And gumpaste, as in sugar flowers? We have some really good sugar florwer artists and those who model in gumpaste. It would be nice to just be...

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste Phiaus Orchids 10

Gumpaste Phiaus Orchids I made as an entry in a local cake show. Happy to say they took best of show.

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste Peaches And Blossoms 9

Made as a cake topper. Gumpaste half peach with pit, full peach and blossom.

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Gumpaste Rock Candy Geode 16

I made this today with marbled gray gumpaste dried in crumpled aluminum foil. Glued in the grape flavored string rock candy with clear Isomalt cooked to 320 degrees. A few small white rock candy around the sides and painted the edges with gold...