HELP Please, my gumpaste is too soft


I’m new to this website.

I bought some Wilton powder to make some gumpaste. It is the second time I do it. The first time everything turned out ok, but this time the gumpaste is too sticky and soft.

I made a figurine for my daughter’s birthday cake in 2 weeks but after 2 days the torso had bent and broken in two.

Also, shapes just won’t hold…

What should I do to make my gumpaste a little harder? I thought adding more powdered sugar would help, but I read somewhere here that it will make it worse.

Does anyone know what to do?

Thank you!

(I’m so desperate that I even considered making the figurine out of polymer clay but my daughter wants to be able to eat it, lol)

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You can try kneading in more Gum-Tex or Tylose powder if you have any, just a little at a time.

For a gum paste recipe that works brilliantly and never fails though, try this from Nicholas Lodge ~

Good luck!


Thank you! I’ll see if I can find any of those products at the store.

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Also if you are in a rush, Wilton fondant+tylose powder makes for a pretty good gumpaste as well. Wilton fondant tastes nasty but gumpaste usually does as well and people aren’t supposed to eat what you make from it really. I think Inspired by Michelle also has a gumpaste recipe that’s modified from Nicholas Lodge. I think it has slightly longer workability time than Lodge’s from what I read.


Thank you 6bittersweets.

I decided to try my hand at modelling chocolate (made with candy melts though), and have had the results I wanted. I’m so thrilled. My daughter’s party had to be rescheduled for next week (she was sick) and I can’t wait to put her cake together with the stuff I was able to make from modelling chocolate :)