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Cake International 2013 - Help on entering a cake...

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing okay!!

I have been thinking about entering something into this years Cake International at the NEC in Birmingham, I’m still a little undecided on what I want to enter but I was wondering if anyone could tell me how it all works, what do I need to do to enter? Are their any strict rules? and does it have to be real cake or can I use dummies? I have to travel from Hertfordshire with the cake so it would be better for me to use dummies to avoid anything sliding or falling apart.

I’ve never been to Cake International before so I’ve never actually entered anything for judging, I’ve never entered any competitions so this would be my first.

If someone could give me a few words of advice and a little bit of information it would truly mean so much to me, I’m getting quite nervous about the idea of entering a cake!!

Thanks!! Xx

-- Laura Loukaides -

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Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

I was just going to suggest what Bev did. The show sites are usually chock full of information. The show that I have gone to all allow cake dummies unless you are entering a sculpted cake.

If you decide to enter I am sure you will do fine… hey the first time i entered a cake into a show I took 1st place and the division. You never know what can happen :) Good luck if you deicide to enter!!!

Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique

Have a look at the competition schedule, some classes are only cake, and some with no supports at all:

Best of luck! xx

Elli Warren

Laura i am planning to go to Cake international, viewing and shopping only!! i went to the one in manchester this year, its amazing, would be wonderful if you enter, like Bev said it would be great to meet you and be great to meet you to Bev!! let us know if you are entering for sure Laura am sure many others on cake decor that can get there would love to come and support you! am looking very forward to go and even more so if i get to meet some of you lovely ladies! :-)

Laura Loukaides

Thank you all so much for kind replies!!
It really would be lovely to meet you all!! :D

I’m so nervous about entering, I really want to but I’m not sure if I should
go to see what Cake International is all about first… What should I do?
And elli, you said shopping, I wasn’t aware you could shop too!!
Now I defiantly have a reason to go!!

I’m going to keep thinking about it, I really want to but I’m a bit sacred!! Xx

Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique

I entered the first time I went……just do it – you only live once! What do you have to lose? Your cakes are amazing!

Take plenty of cash with you – there are a gazillion shops there. There are also demonstration theatres to watch some amazing classes, live demonstrations and live competitions. Its a great atmosphere, but it gets extremely busy.

It really is a great weekend, you won’t regret going if you love cakes and decorating, xxx

Calli Creations

I have entered two categories for this year’s NEC (work already under construction) … I have done the London one this year and last year…. the rules are pretty strict in that it MUST be your OWN work from beginning to end… if you go onto the website it gives you all the information there, including a contact email address for any other queries. I found that very helpful for me.

please feel free to contact me on my message board of you need any more help with this, even though I am not a seasoned exhibitor and only done two, the little I have learnt I am happy to share with you…

Calli Creations

PS: just do it!!! its an amazing experience <3 xxx


Laura, I am just answering for moral support… Wish I could go to meet everyone and shop (like Elli)… Go for it, you are very talented! Good Luck!

Calli Creations

hear hear to the others!!! :)

Karen's Kakery

Hi Laura,
I entered last year for the first time and put a cake into the wedding cake section.
I had a great time making the cake, getting it there was quite a task and it prompted me to write a blog on cakesdecor too.
Everyone on here was so supportive, I had a fantastic day, and to my utter amazement it was given a certificate of merit.
I’m going to enter again this year, although I think I’ll try a different category.
I don’t expect to win anything, but I know I’ll have a great time.
It would be fantastic if everyone could meet up for a coffee there.
Have fun, be brave, and you won’t regret it xx

Calli Creations

Karen Flude, you hit the nail right one the head… It’s an incredible experience and it’s not about medals at all… too much emphasis is placed on that. I’ve been scared and excited all at once… Such fabulous lovely people you will meet.. Along with the fantastic inspiration… :) it’s an exhilarating experience xxx

Karen's Kakery

Just a little note you might be glad of. The car park you drop off your cake in early that morning is very bumpy if you’re planning to wheel a large creation across it!! My cake got in ok, but unfortunately it needed a repair by the time I got it back to the car to go home. Make sure you take a repair kit with you just in case xx

Laura Loukaides

Thank you all so so much for your very helpful advice and encouragement,
I don’t think I will be able to enter this year because I cannot be there over the three days,
I would love to but its a little too far for me to keep travelling to everyday, but I will
DEFINITELY be there on one the of the days at the NEC to see everyone amazing cakes!!
(unless something comes up and i’m unable to attend)

I’m aiming to enter Cake International the next time it comes to London,
That would be much easier for me.

Thank you all once again and hopefully I will see some of you there!!

Good luck to you all!!

- Laura xx

Laura Loukaides

I am hoping to make it on the Saturday too!!
I do really want to enter but London would be better for me, a bit safer too!! XD

Thanks so much once again to everyone for their kind responses and helpful advice,
I really appreciate it, I hope you see you all at the NEC!! Xx