Help on giant cupcake

Does anyone have tips on how to decorate and/or frost a giant cupcake?


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If you’re looking to do it in all icing, use the backside of a basketweave tip for the wrapper part. I use a large star tip for the top part. Personally I think the bottom looks better in fondant. For the top, I really like making two colors, each in their own bag then cut the tips off and put in to another bag that has the large star tip together. It swirls them together and looks nice.

Tiff - MA

One way is to use ganache on the bottom (I turn it upside down and pour it on for a smooth finish) the other is fondant (I found using a fondant pleated effect worked really well) As for the top I use Wilton 1M or similar to create buttercream rose swirls then decorate with fondant accents. Example of both of these are on my fb page. Happy caking :)

Hope, Australia...

I have seen people use chocolate to make the wrapper. Using the pan you baked it in fill with chocolate, refrigerated until the outer shell has hardened then pour out the rest of the chocolate and refrigerate until completely hard. Remove from the pan and place your cake in it for an adorable and tasty wrapper effect! I have been dying to try it but worried it wont work since my giant cupcake mold is made of silicone.

Nikki, So Cal,

what would be a good recipe for the giant cupcake.


i decorated a giant cupcake and there’s one in my profile if you’re interested…and other way is you can use candy melts for the bottom and decorate the top with rose buttercream. hope that helps….u can also use chocolate fingers at the bottom if u want.