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Hi Ladies i have a order for this cake and i need to make this cake topper in fondant/gumpast no cake whats’ the most ’easy way to do it?
Thanks for your wonderfull help!

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Goreti ...

Here is a video on how to do Snoopy.
As far as the dog house (mind you I’m no pro), I think making it out of fondant/gumpaste would end up being too heavy. I would use rkt since you don’t want cake.

Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique ...

I have just uploaded a cake with a garden shed made from RKT if you want to have a look at that. It doesn’t look too difficult – just make sure you level the top off so you can lie snoopy down on it.

thesweettastes ...

Thanks ladies!

Fun Fiesta Cakes ...

I would model the house in RKT and then cover it in fondant/gumpaste. It will be much lighter.