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Cream Cheese Buttercream.......HELP!

I have the most difficult time with cream cheese buttercream. I’ve tried several recipes and never get a stiff enough consitency for frosting or piping. Does anyone have a recipe they swear by and wouldn’t mind sharing? I would so greatly appreciate it!

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I had the same problem with Cream cheese icing. Than I read thread on another cake site and someone gave me their recipe and some tips that has worked great for me. I have made this recipe 3 times and it was stiff enough to pipe, etc.
1 8oz. cream cheese
2 sticks (8oz.) salted butter
2 lbs. powdered sugar
whatever flavoring you like
cream together cream cheese and butter. Add powdered sugar one cup at a time and add flavoring.
The thing that I think really made the difference is she said DO NOT over mix the cream cheese and butter.
I just mixed it until it is just mixed. The more you mixed the CC and butter the more it breaks down and
softens. I really think that is the trick to cream cheese icing more than the recipe. Also do not let your butter
get really soft before you start to mix it. I hope that helps. In my photos you can look at my pumpkin cupcakes. I used this recipe for them and you can see the icing is nice and stiff. I have a photo of a basket of Thanksgiving cupcakes with cream cheese icing and it is too soft using my old recipe and technique.

Tiffany Palmer

I have always used Edna’s recipe when needing a crusting cream cheese recipe. Works well for me.


Nikki Belleperche

I don’t have an exact recipe for my buttercreams, I have made them so much I know how to get the taste and consistency I am looking for without measurements but I have never had a problem with a stiff crusting cream cheese buttercream (American) and I can pipe it as well as use it under fondant covered cakes.

1 8oz cream cheese
2 sticks butter (one salted one unsalted)
1 stick butter flavor crisco
splash of vanilla
and around 1 2lb bag powdered sugar.
(for extra crusting add a little bit of meringue powder)

Cream the first 4 ingredients until smooth then slowly add the powdered sugar until desired consistency and taste are achieved. Scrape down your mixing bowl every once in awhile between adding sugar to make sure you getting it evenly mixed.

Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

I’m with Ellie on this one. I use equal parts by weight of butter and cream cheese and about twice as much powdered sugar by weight as the butter/cream cheese combined. Sometimes I add more sugar if I need it extra stiff and if I get it so stiff that my kitchen aide can’t even mix it, then I thin it down slightly with 1 tsp of heavy whipping cream at a time (a little tsp can make a big difference). Good luck!

Teresa Cunha

Thank you so so much for your responses! I guess I have some testing to do ;)


Try Cicco’s recipe, Its very stable

460g Caster Sugar in pot with
1/2 cup water
8 Egg whites
2 Lemons Zest & Juice
700g Butter Softy
200g Cream Cheese