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I have a bride that is trying to cut costs when it comes to her wedding cake. She has requested a small, 2 tiered wedding cake to be placed at the top of a cupcake tower but want to cut costs by having a family member do the cupcakes for the tower and then just pay me for the cake. What are your policies or thoughts on doing this?

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That’s a tough one. I don’t own a business, but here are just a few thoughts I had, if I can humbly share them with you. If people know you did the cake, they could mistakenly think you did the cupcakes too, which could be a problem if they turn out crappy! On the other hand there’s the whole “It’s her wedding and she can do what she wants.” point. Is there any way to see what the family member’s work looks like or a way to put out a little sign that says “Cake by…Cupcakes by…” Would she possibly be willing to do a cupcake tower and then have your cake on a separate pedestal stand. Maybe if you showed her photos of some awesome Amy Atlas desert tables she’d like that idea & you could still do the signs if needed.

Hope you figure it out. I’m sure others with much more experience and wisdom on this subject will have more to say.

I think it would be a bad idea to allow your cake to be displayed at the top of a cupcake tower that will have cupcakes on it that are not yours. If they are displayed separately where it is easily known that the cupcakes were not made by you, that would be something you would have to decide if you would be okay with. However, if the cake and cupcakes are displayed together it is going to look like you made the cupcakes as well and who knows how they will taste/look. I can totally get the bride wanting/needing to cut down on costs, but I would just be careful on agreeing to that. Will there be a dessert table at the wedding that the cupcakes can possibly go on? Your cake should stand alone and be for the cake cutting. It’s a tough situation, but I would personally say no.

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Thanks so much for your advice, SarahBeth3 and SweetBee. I would be completely comfortable with the dessert table idea but that is not the way the bride is going. She would actually be putting the cake that I would make on top of the a cupcake tower filled with cupcakes made by her aunt. I’ve contributed pieces to dessert tables before and I have also done wedding cakes where someone else provided the groom’s cake. I’m really not trying to be snobby about it, but, I don’t know how we would unify the design between the cake and the cupcakes and how to explain all of this without being offensive. Thanks again guys!

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How sturdy is the cupcake tower? There’s the possibility that it may not hold the weight of a two-tiered wedding cake on top. You may want to bring this up to the bride – maybe she will agree to separate the two. I agree with much of what’s been said. Once you combine your cake and someone else’s cupcakes, the assumption is that you did both.

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