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wedding cake contract?

Since I am new at decorating and even newer at selling them please help. I have an order for next summer for a wedding cake and the bride is asking for a contract before handing over the deposit, makes perfect since to me. Problem is I have no idea what that should / would look like. Anyone have any insight on wedding cake contracts I sure would love some advice / HELP!!!

Thanks so much,
Joyce J:~D

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I just recently created one and had the same question you had- where to start? I googled wedding cake contract and some contracts came up and I used those, along with my own ideas on what my policies should be, to create my own contract. Here are two I thought were very helpful:
Good luck!

Maria @ or

I love that Maria, thanks for sharing! I saved it for future use :)

Nikki, So Cal,

Well I prepared my own contract based on your feedback Maria … thanks so much :)