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Dummy ... how much will be charge on the total?

Hi everybody..
I was reading about to put a dummy to extend the cake… an is a brilliant idea … but how much I need to charge for that??? I mind … do you charge only your hour rate plus material? or what?

-- Fabiana Rivarola

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Karen MacFadyen

People think that having a dummy cake will cost far less than being able to eat it. Wrong! It takes just as long to cover and think about the design – the only thing missing is the ingredients within. A cake decorating shop owner nearby me, gets really irritated by brides wanting a few layers of dummy cake – then getting shocked at the price. Stand firm on your pricings. Create a formula for pricing your cakes. Ingredients, plus hourly labour charge plus your overheads and then add on the profit you wish to make. If more cake decorators charged their overheads properly and added on a suitable profit – then the general public would not expect cakes or dummy cakes for ‘cheap’ as the market as a whole would be as a whole charging properly. You only need a few decorators to not understand how to price and make money and this effects the local area of other cake decorators too. We all need to stand together and make sure we get properly paid for our services!

It's a Cake Thing

You took the words out of my mouth.
I have many brides shocked at the cost of so called dummy cakes. While you can save a small amount of money, you are correct. For dummy cakes, the only money you are saving is the cost of the cake, ingredients inside, the baking time. But the dummy still costs money too and the work to decorate it is the same. Still using the same material to cover it as well…so the difference overall is minimal.
Most people just don’t see that though.

Sweet Heaven Cakes

Guau…Guau… Guau… Thank you so much Karen and Daniela …. really I need that advice..

Nikki Belleperche

I would charge the same as if it were an actual cake.


It’s a pain to have to work on because it is so light. I charge the same as if it was cake. Getting the height exactly the same as the other cakes is a pain as well..