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Hi everyone! Please hope you help me with this. I want to do grass on my cake, I saw lots of tutorials that shows how you pipe with the Wilton tip, but my question is: what’s better to use royal icing or butter cream? I’m afraid that if i use butter cream it will melt in the heat while the cake is outside, what would you recommend?

-- Nadine A.



Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

i personally would use a stiffer royal icing but that is just me :)

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Nikki Belleperche

I use stiff buttercream for my grass and never have any problems with it melting :) Goodluck!

Sugar&Spice by NA

so you mean you add more sugar to it? so it won’t melt?


I use stiff buttercream. I don’t like cutting into royal icing on cakes unless it’s only a small decoration or a border. Yes, add more sugar (or less milk/cream depending on your recipe) to make it stiffer. Good luck!

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Thank you!!!

Slice of Sweet Art

Neddo – knowing the climate you’re in, I would say it’s safe for you to use a stiff buttercream (try an American Crusting Cream).

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

In hot weather I use a combo icing. 1/2 crusting BC with meringue powder added, 1/2 royal icing. :0)

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sorry but i don’t understand what’s the BC?

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

BC is short for buttercream :)

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

I recommend using a stiff buttercream – royal icing gets way too hard!

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thank you


Personally I use a stiff BC and the grass tip but I have also spread it on flat then used a spatula and tapped the BC like tacking to make small peaks. It looks pretty good. Not as good as the grass tip but still ok.