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What fondant is the best?? & where does everyone purchase there shortening...

I use Wilton’s brand at the moment.. Any other recommendations? I also have a hardtime finding good shortening to make my buttercream frosting. I always have to buy it made already or go to the cake store and by the little square for $8.00 Any special sites I can vistt or anything..

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Have you ever tried making your own fondant? The Wilton is good for modeling figures, but I don’t like the taste of it. I usually make my own fondant, marshmallow or Michelle Foster’s fondant. They both taste great, and pretty inexpensive to make. I have only bought fondant once, (Duff’s ), when I needed black fondant. The shortening I use is just our grocery store brand. Unlike crisco, it does have trans fat, which helps make the buttercream smooth better.

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Ive tried making my own buts just to messy unless I am not doing it right its just alil water and melt marshmallows and knead right.. Michelle Foster Fondat I may look into that.. Thanks!!

Just seen your pics of cakes & thats all fondant you made on your own?? Looks great!!! Wonder why mine didnt look like that when I tried to make it…

Here is a great youtube tutorial I used once to make my own fondant but I did not have great success either. The video is actually Way Beyond Cakes By Mayen.. not sure how it ended up on another site.

But I buy my fondant and I have been using Satin Ice. I know a lot of people say it dries out on them, but I usse THE MAT from sweetwise and it is so easy to roll and keeps it moist. I usually buy it from Global Sugar Art but Sweetwise also has decent prices. I have heard a lot of people say they use Fondx too. I think my next cake I am going to try it.


Yes, all my cakes were done with marshmallow fondant except the graduation cake was done with Michele Foster’s fondant. I’m not sure what you are doing wrong with your marshmallow fondant. Maybe you are not using enough confection sugar in it. You should try making the Michelle Foster fondant. It is a little more time consuming to make, but it is much easier to roll out and work with.

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Ok I will try that one, thanks again!!

Satin Ice is my go to fondant. Mostly because it’s readily available in CA through various local distributors. Fondx from Cal-Java in So Cal and shipping would be very reasonable (I don’t like the Elite – the rasp flavor just doesn’t work for me). Look for both fondant and shortening at your local bakery distribution center. I’m sure you’ll find one in or near OC. (Bakemark, Dawn Foods, Qzina, Marque Foods are a few – just search their names, you’ll find them). Most will have a will-call pick up so you can place small orders. You can always get shortening at Cash & Carry warehouses but it’s not easy to find the no-trans fat hi ratio which is required by law in CA.

When a 20# bucket of Satin Ice costs $56 through a distributor, it’s much more cost effective than MMF.

Michele, CA,

May have to try that too!! Thanks Ladies!!

Pris (Orange, Ca)

I use Wilton fondant. Just can’t beat the price with coupons at Michaels. I can get a 5lb box for $10 rather then spending over $20 for the same amount of satin ice. I also love how easy to use the Wilton fondant is. I rarely have problems with cracking like I do in satin ice and their new black and red colored fondant is just a life saver.

As for shortening I use butter flavor crisco in all my buttercreams and regular crisco for use with fondant. Never had any problems or complaints with them and they are easy to find at most grocery stores.

Nikki, So Cal,

Just curious but why would you opt to use shortening in your buttercreams – is it just for stability because it doesn’t melt as easily as butter in warm weather? I know tons of bakers out there use it but I just can’t tear myself away from pure butter…I only use shortening to help knead my fondant or gumpaste a little or to grease my cake boards before putting fondant on them… am I missing out on a great thing and just don’t know it?

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