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Is the Caketrick worth the $?

To those of you who have used the Caketrick Fondant Roller… is it worth the $140? I’m currently using a lightweight roller and it’s killing my arms and back, plus it leaves streaks so I have to go over it with a heavier granite pin to even it out. The granite pin has no handles so it’s hard to use until it’s already flattened. If anyone knows a better option aside from a sheeter I would appreciate the advice!

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By “The Mat” from Best investment I ever made. They make 3 sizes now. I have the original, the large one. With my arthritis in my hands & elbows it was getting hard to roll my fondant. This Mat was a lifesaver!!

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I agree with jchuck. The mat is the best think I bought. I also have the original one. I would also recommend the silpat rolling pin. Sweet wise recommended it in the video and I will say it has made rolling the fondant so easy combined with the mat.


jchuck & Jennifer – I have not used my mat much, did you find it took long to ‘season’ it or break it in? I find it sticks a little when I try to remove?

Miriam, Londonderry NI

I do have the mat and I’m not a huge fan. I use it mainly to keep my work surface cleaner while I’m working and it slides around on me while I’m trying to roll. I’ve been using it for about a year and I’m pretty sure I didn’t season it right. What about the silicone mats by Ateco or Fat Daddio’s?

Miriam – It only took one round of shortening (Crisco) on the mat to season it. I put the shortening on and lightly rubbed it with a paper towel. I did have to wash my mat once cause I dropped it so after cleaning it and letting it dry I reseasoned it once and it has been fine. It does not stick at all for me

Kendra – My mat slides around on my surface also when i roll so I just hang a little bit over the edge and lean against the side of my table to hold it. I this works for me since I don’t cover a cake bigger than 10"


“The Mat” seasons up pretty quick- I LOVE it— once it is seasoned and you get the hang of it- you won’t know how you decorated without it.

As for it rolling around- I had that issue today- what I did was place a square of the shelf liner underneath and it worked great. The Mat did not move and it did not leave any imprints on the fondant inside the plastic!

In the past I had an issure with creases from storage- I thought Iwas going to haveto McGuyver some kind of storage system- but— my fellow cakers came to the rescue with some suggestions- Roll up one plastic sheet- not too tight, and then roll the second one around it- works like a charm!

Hope some of this info helped-


I have a question for you about how u are rolling the mat. If you roll them separately doesn’t the shortening gate all over the place and aren’t you getting dust on the seasoned side?


Hi Prima-

When I roll the Mat up- I roll the first with the seasoned side in-not too tight- then I roll the second one around the first one- I think seasoned side in as well- my Mat is not heavily seasoned- so if any shortening is getting on the back or other mat it is negligable- I always wipe down my mat with a viva paper towel- (lightly) before I start- hoping to catch any lint- dust specs etc.- doesn’t effect the seasoning-

I periodically re-season the mat- as I wash mine down with hot soapy water often-

So far so good-

I love my mat…well after I attached the bottom mat to my work area to keep it from moving around. lol
I dont use the mat like they show in all their videos. I use the top mat and a long pvc pipe to roll up on fondant and then unroll it over my cake. My bottom mat is always stationary.

I’ve seen that rolling pin and honestly i dont know if I would spend that amount of money on a rolling pin…I know its heavier than the standard rolling pin but like everyone I get results with the mat. It allows you to roll fondant really tthin..thus saving fondant and it keeps it sealed while rolling out so it doesn’t dry out. Mines slides around something too but it depends on the surface you are rollling on. I the orginial and have rolled out fondant to cover 12 inch cakes no problem. To me its a better option than the rolling pin..that rolling pin is heavy so I would think it would be difficult to push round as well.