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Moist Vanilla Cake

Hello bakers,
I have been looking for a moist vanilla cake! The one I have always gets too dry and I have to pit lots of syrup on it.
One that’s good with buttercream and can handle the weight of fondant for decorations and cover.

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Hi Neda: I have this recipe that I found on this blog spot
It’s a recipe from Martha Stewart and I’ve made it a few times and it’s moist and delicious.
I hope it works for you. Happy baking!!!


Lynne Salmon, known as kakeladi, created the original WASC (white almond sour cream) cake many, many years ago. It starts with a white cake mix with lots of goodies added. This recipe is loved by professionals and hobbyist all over the world. Unless you are a scratch purest, you will love this recipe. It has the advantage of being adaptable to any flavor cake.

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I forgot to say that the WASC recipe is very moist, no need for a drizzle, and sturdy enough to stack easily and even carve.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

I can enthusiastically second what Sandra said!!!

I’ve made many cakes from
cake paper
Several white cakes. Never had a failure.

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