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Giving Up Cake Art

I had set a time limit for myself on when I would give up doing cakes, and that was at age 80. I turned 80 in April so haven’t spent much time lately on cakesdecor. I just came by this evening to catch up. All of you are doing such lovely work and it tempts me to get back into it. But I sold all of my cake supplies in April, made much more room in my cabinets too. I began doing cakes in 1959 when I turned 20 and wanted to do birthday cakes for my children. Little did I know that 60 years later I would still be doing them. Today it is only for family events, no more donated cakes for organizations. To each of you, enjoy this art for as long as you can, it is fulfilling and is appreciated by so many. Take care my friends.
Shirley Wilson

-- Shirley


Sandra Smiley

Oh Shirley, that makes me a little sad and happy for you at the same time. How delightful to have had a lifetime doing something you love. Nothing says you can’t still make gorgeous, delicious cakes, even if they don’t require fancy tools! They are my favorite kind anyway.

The Garden Baker

Shirley, it has been lovely getting to know you. Always keep a window open though, even if only a jar. I second Sandra’s comment about not needing all those fancy tools to make delicious cakes. Wishing you good health and joy in all that you do!

Elli Warren

Aww Shirly its so sad to hear you won’t be making cakes anymore! I really hope you will still comeback on CakesDecor and say hello. Your cakes were wonderful and I hope in the future you might still make some and post them here! big hug :-) xx

Sandra Smiley

By the way, Shirley, I would be remiss if I did not tell you what an inspiration you’ve been to me, all the way back to Cakes We Bake, at the beginning of my cake journey. Your geode cake was definitely the only reason I was ever brave enough to give it a try, after purchasing the Craftsy class which you recommended. I love you, lady! XOXO

Karen's Kakery

Shirley you’ve certainly given your craft many hours of your time and you can clearly see the skill in your work. I know it’ll be hard for you to let it go. It’s in your DNA but I hope you can relax and enjoy the time (and space) I know you will now have. There’s plenty new for your to discover. Who knows what new talents you can master xx Take care and be happy xx

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Oh my Shirley…caking since 1959!!!! That’s a long time! You certainly have given us many lovely creations to enjoy. But I can certainly understand there comes a time to hang up the decorating apron. Enjoy making cakes for the family, and whatever adventures come your way…💕💕💕💕


I didn’t know you, since I read your post, Shirley, but I know you are a special, beautiful woman. I would feel so lucky if I could reach the age of 80 still baking!!!
I’m sure that love from your family will totally replace the lack of baking.
Take care and thank you for giving me hope to not give up for many years ahead 😊

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

You are such an inspiration Shirley. Thanks for sharing. I guess I want to make cookies as well till 80 and above… Love, Marta

Applegum Pam

Hi Shirley
I received an email from CakeDecor – usually ignore them (hangs head and ducks for cover) but your name caught my eye in the post. Haven’t logged on here in forever – had to do the Forgot Password link and surprise surprise….. I have a new User Name associated with my email – and all my past posts are deleted??
So from ApplegumPam who now boasts the name of SweetCake?? haha as if ??
I say….. what a life of cake you have had – so glad to have conversed with you for so long – first with the giggles we had on CC to Flickr and other cake groups and firm FB buddies – no farewells sweet lady – it never truly leaves us :P


You can still make beautiful cake creations with just a few less tools. Your eye for design & color are wonderful and that will always be with you. Best Wishes!!

Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

Dear Shirley,if you still love it and get pleasure from it,then it doesn’t matter that you got rid of your tools,I bet you can still make marvellous creations! Please keep popping on here and keeping in touch with us all. Xxx

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Wow Shirley, I think you are brave selling your stuff and making the decision to stop caking. But, also on the other hand you will have so much more time for your family. You have been an inspiration for me on here and will be sadly missed, wishing you well and lots of love, pop back on and keep in touch xx

Cakeicer (Shirley)

You are such a lovely group of people and I won’t stay away from this site forever. I will still pop in to see what new creations you have come up with. I consider each of you to be my sugar friends and I thank you for the support when I have had a problem and received helpful advise. I hope in some small way I have shared with you some of things I have learned over the years from such fabulous instructors.

I haven’t found any new hobby that will bring me quite as much pleasure as cake art has. But I have begun growing succulents, my patio gets too hot for anything else so am trying my hand at these. Let’s see how long it takes to kill them. :)

Sandra Smiley

Oh, I think growing succulents would be a wonderful hobby, they are so beautiful and varied! You are certainly in the right environment for it. Although our weather is not ideal, maybe I should give them a try. Perhaps the deer would not eat them, but I would not bet on it, lol.

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Well it is now December and I dropped in to see all of your wonderful creations. Thought I would share my new hobby of growing succulents. Not really a green thumb but these seem to be thriving.
Happy Holidays to each of you my friends!