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Hi my Facebook Fan Page was STOLEN this week 9-16 June 2019. I have made this video to warn other people and show them what happened to me. I have been trying to get help by emailing facebook but so far no luck. It’s so hard to report a problem of this nature for the fan page. As I no longer own it I cannot raise a message about it and there is nowhere for me to contact a person directly. I lost the admin rights and ownership of my page with just 1 click on a link! I want to prevent this from happening to other people. My intellectual property has been stolen and I feel cheated and violated. Do you know how I can get my fan page back? Has this happened to you? Please comment with any advice if you can help.

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Goreti ...

Sorry I don’t have any advice besides the link I shared with you. I did notice that they have changed the name back to just Fancy Cakes by Linda. The option for visitors to post has been removed. I am sure many, like myself, were commenting on the issue.

June ("Clarky's Cakes") ...

I also tried to comment yesterday, but couldn’t. This is truly a nightmare for you. I looked today and saw a plethora of videos of all sorts uploaded that I know were not uploaded by you. This was a very sophisticated. I wish I knew how to help. I’d be inclined to contact some expert computer geeks because they understand all about this type of stuff.