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Hi everyone,

I’ve been asked to make a feathers wedding cake (fully covered with waffer paper). It’s my first time. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to assemble it. I’ve been reading somewhere that royal icing is the best way to attach the feathers on the. Is it better to use a cone dummy cake or multi sized round ones? Does anyone has a file with feather patterns?Any suggestions would be much appreciated!! Thank you
p.s. I include photo of the what they want)



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Just click on the tutorials and in the search box to write your wafer paper. You can find a lot … if it’s not exactly what interests you ask directly in those topics.
In this way I think you will be more successful in receiving a response from who works with wafer paper..

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Maybe you can ask Paul Bradford … he did something similar.

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Found this tutorial https://youtu.be/As9onGDuyJI. Hope it helps

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Thank you for your replies….I finally didi it and it turned out beautiful!!

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This is waffle paper cut into strips and covered with royal icing