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Hello there!

I am Irena - teacher and internationally recognized award winning designer and decorator from Bulgaria!

I have specialized in making PREMIUM handcrafted goods.

My hobby and my life revolves around doing carving as well as decorating all kinds of thing including food, cold porcelain and a lot more! I totally love it!

Please check out my store - I am sure you will find something that suits your needs!

In case you don't, I accept custom orders so in case you want something to be CUSTOMIZED for your specific needs just PM me!

I am professional, diligent and I sing when I decorate (that is my secret sauce, pleas don't tell anyone). :)

And also my items look even better live than they do on photos! Now that is a promise!

-- WorldOfIrena



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Hi Irena, nice to meet you and thanks for the follow. Your work is beautiful!
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Thank you for the follow! Your work is so beautiful! I´m following you back!

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Thank you for the follow! Your work is so beautiful! I´m following you back!


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