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Hello! I’m Karen from Cup N Cakes a la C’ART. My in-home baking started out as a personal hobby for baking simple birthday cakes for the love of my kids. With six kids and birthdays every other month, it wasn’t long before I developed a skill for more complex cakes and cupcakes designs. One of my co-workers saw my cake designs on my personal Facebook page, and for the first time, I was commissioned to create her son’s graduation (Pickup Truck) cake. I have since then decided to start an in-home cakery, to share my cake designs, within Bismarck/Mandan, ND local area.
I’m extremely excited to be a part of CakesDecor to share my love of cake designing with fellow bakers.

I hope to see awesome cakes ideas and get some constructive feedbacks on my designs.

-- Cup N Cakes a la C'ART


Michal Bulla

Welcome Karen! I hope you’ll like it here ;)

Cup N Cakes a la C'ART by Karen

Thank you, Michal! I’m sure I will. I already have several cakes, from wonderful designers, on my favorites!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")


Cup N Cakes a la C'ART by Karen

Thank you, June!