Cup N Cakes a la C'ART by Karen


Cup N Cakes a la C'ART by Karen

Oct 2018 233 Mandan, ND

Hello! Thank you for vising my cake profile. My in-home bakery started out as a personal hobby for baking simple birthday cakes for the love of my kids. With six kids and birthdays every other month, it wasn’t long before I developed a skill for more complex cakes and cupcakes designs. One of my co-workers saw my cake designs on my personal Facebook page, and for the first time, I was commissioned to create her son’s graduation (Pickup Truck) cake. I have since then decided to start an in-home cakery, to share my cake designs, within Bismarck/Mandan, ND area.
Please feel free to browse through the photo albums. I would love to hear what you think about my cakes/cupcakes, and where I can make some improvements.
Thank you for visiting Cup N Cakes a la C’ART!

-- Cup N Cakes a la C'ART


Hend kahla

Amazing cake you have a new follower😍

Cup N Cakes a la C'ART by Karen

Thank you! Hend kahla!

Sandra Smiley

Thank you for the follow, Karen! I love your cakes and am following you, too.

Cup N Cakes a la C'ART by Karen

Thank you, Sandra!

Raquel García

Ohhhh thank you very much !!! What nicer words … I’m glad you like it! You left me speechless. Thank you very much for following me you are also very good with your work !!! You have new supporter to support you here !!!

Raquel García

Thank you very much dear! I’m really glad you like them, because I don’t have any video tutorial but I want to make one once past parties, right now the truth I’m going to 1000 per hour and I can’t stop to record anything hahahaha I send you a big kiss!!

Felis Toporascu

Hi Karen! Thank you for the follow! Your cakes are wonderful! I’ll follow you too! ❤️😘