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Lilly Pulitzer Painted Cake


I’ve been asked to make a Lilly Pulitzer inspired cake. I’ve been trying out different shades of pink to practice painting the iconic flowers on the fondant, but none of the colors seem right and the paint seems to take a long time to dry, which makes it difficult to paint the different shades without them bleeding into each other!!

Has anyone painted these flowers before? All suggestions are welcome. I copied a cake from the internet so you could all see it.

I need to become an expert by next week – lol! :)))
Many thanks.

-- DJ - Fun Fiesta Cakes

lilly pulitzer


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

What are you using to paint on your fondant? Should be either alcohol and gel colours, or cocoa butter and gel colours. Alcohol + gel dries extremely quickly, so you shouldn’t have trouble adding another layer of colour.


Also, you can layer the color if you don’t load too much on your brush. You want those colors to blend some, I think.

Sandra Smiley

I rarely use gel colors for painting. If I want a water color effect, I mix vodka with powdered colors, for an oil paint effect, petal dust mixed with coco butter. I find that it takes gel colors mixed with alcohol much longer to dry than petal dusts.

Chelsea Hott

Look up Serdar Yener tutorials on here, he has a great stamping video he shows with a carrot. If you watch it, you could easily do something similar using celery or romaine lettuce stump and stamp onto your fondant.

The picture is obliviously not being used for food, but it was the only one to get my point across. (Or explain it rather) once you modify it to fit your needs in the cake world, it’s a pretty great trick to have. Then you don’t have to paint at all.

Hope this helps!

Here is a cake by someone else using this ideal method.

Sandra Smiley

Chelsea, this is brilliant! Thank you for sharing!