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This is my first time making a 3 tier fondant cake. I just realized that cake boxes for tall cakes are not readily available. And I don’t want to buy an expensive cake box.
I am taking the cake to a party next Saturday evening. Should I just make it in the morning and take it to the party somehow? I wanted to finish it a day before but if I do how will I store it? Can I put it in an airtight container(I have read fondant cakes cant be stored in plastic boxes)? I do have big enough cardboard boxes(I have my vitamix box lying around!) but I am afraid if I put the cake in that kinda box, it will smell of cardboard. Should I put it in a paper bag and saran wrap the open end? I have also read that people use Walmart’s shipping boxes. But again, wont the cake smell of cardboard in that kinda box? Help!! What do I do?

Thank you!

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I make my own boxes from clean cardboard boxes that I cut apart and remodel to the size that I need. I’ve never had a cake smelling like cardboard, but I’ve never noticed a “cardboard smell” from cardboard either. The cake itself doesn’t touch the box. If you are really concerned, line the inside of the box with parchment paper.

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I do as The Garden Baker. No smell will transfer from the cardboard box.

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I have never had a prob with my cakes smelling of cardboard, I can easily purchase cake box’s on any size, you can get extenders to fit inside to make it taller etc, and they are coated so non marking. Google “ cake boxes,” or “heavy duty cake boxes,” which can be easily reused, and are very strong with carry handles. There’s a whole load of on line suppliers out there 😊 plus they are not expensive

I buy packs of A3 white cardboard and make my own extenders. Work out how high you need the box and attach them all together to fit around the sides, or to the lid to form a tall box. Or you can make a sleeve to slide over the box and sit the top on afterwards. Just remember if you make a card sleeve to attach the bottom of the sleeve to the underside of the box so when you pick the cake up it doesn’t fall out of the sleeve!!