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Birthday cake for Diabetic

Has anyone made a birthday cake for a diabetic. I have found a sponge recipe that uses honey instead of sugar so that’s one problem solved. I can also source sugar free jam. My only issue then is the buttercream crumb coat or ganache and then finally the fondant covering. All 3 use sugar. Im stumped!! Any ideas or advice gratefully received. Many thanks in advance.


There is no such thing as a “dibetic cake”. Limiti g the sugar content will help some. But the flour to make the cake are carbs, which turn into sugar in the body. So the diabetic just has account for there slice of cake in there daily diet. And adjust there insulin.

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A real diabetic friendly cake is made using almond and or coconut flours (both are very low carb) changing the sugar to use agave ( which is low on the glycemic index) or erythritol sugar replacement (has no effect on blood sugar) The best type of frosting is a ganache made using very dark – low sugar or stevia sweetened chocolate and heavy cream unsweetened. This is how I make diabetic friendly cakes.

June is correct – dealing with diabetes is all about carb control.

Using honey as a sweetener is the same as using regular sugar. There is no fondant that is diabetic friendly.

Hope that helps.

Teri, Ontario, Canada

Have you considered using unsweetened, stabilized whipped cream in place of Buttercream? It is a real treat for anyone, and the lack of sugar is offset by the sweetness of the cake itself, or any fresh fruit fillings you may use as well.
Simply beat 8 oz softened, full-fat cream cheese with 1 tablespoon vanilla, and 1-2 teaspoons Truvia sugar substitute (if desired) until smooth. By pouring a thin stream, gradually beat in (on medium speed) 1 pint of heavy whipping cream. Continue beating until pioeabke consistency is reached. Pastel colors are best, as are simpler borders and decor. This smooths well, and is lovely without any fondant at all…
As per fondant- a diabetic had best just throw it away and enjoy his or her slim slice of cake!

K. Downer

El diabético debe comer alimentos con índice gligemico bajo, lo ideal y lo que yo hago, es usar los productos que pueden comer y en la cantidad que pueden comer. Para una torta yo uso harinas no refinadas, de coco, avena integral y Maicena, ocupo huevos y reemplazo el azúcar por Tagatosa.. luego el relleno lo hago con mermeladas sin azúcar y ganache de chocolate sin azúcar o manjar hecho con tagatosa y la cubro en merengue hecho con tagatosa… Para decoración hago una cúpula con el diseño en pasta de goma o fondant y se la pongo arriba de la torta…esta cúpula la guardan de recuerdo y no necesita que se la coman…

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