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Air brush for spraying chocolate - UK


I have not purchased an airbrush before and have tried reading up on the types that will spray chocolate, but getting nowhere!

Would anyone UK based be able to recommend one or advise on what they use? I see some people use spray guns from hardware stores, some only expensive ones, etc!

I am on a limited budget so can’t splash out on a fancy one. Do normal airbrushes with the compressor work? I am assuming I would need one with a bottle that attaches underneath? I understand that I would need to add cocoa butter or oil to thin the chocolate down.

Any help would be appreciated!


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I work with chocolate a lot and I also have an airbrush but Ive never used the two together… in fact I havent really used it a huge amount since my initial attempt when I found that the colour just never dried and ‘bled’ or smeared into everything I iced on top which kinda gave disappointing results. I managed to bluff my way out of it and have unsuccessfully experimented several times since but find I’m happier (and my bake area is less rainbow-ed) simply painting (or sponging) onto chocolate.
I hate fondant with a vengeance; it tastes like chewing gum and is torture to work with so I now roll and panel modelling choc instead which tastes and works divinely. (Big thanks to Liz Marek here). It aint white.. but what the hey. Small issue. I paint it with paste (sugarflair or pme) mixed with vodka cos you cant buy the American food grade high % ethanol stuff which dries in an instant here- its illegal.
I did some research re airbrushing choc; I gather you can purchase paints specifically made for the purpose but I have heard they block yer pen like earwax. The pens arent cheap either. I bought a baby elephant compressor with a Iwata neo gravity feed airbrush and unless you intend to use it every day all day I’m guessing this would be more than adequate. I didnt pay a fortune; I’m equally budget conscious and it was a lot cheaper than the dinky doodle or cassie brown kits.
I got a set of Kroma colours with my elephant which you need to be aware dont appear to be uk friendly but sure are bright!! I would say that using an *oil *based paste mixed with vodka would be your best bet- this is what I paint with but I warn you it takes ages to dry so very thin / fine layers is the thing. We dont have the products available to us here that they have in USA so dont expect to reproduce what you see coming out of other countries who dont have such strict regulations as us. Its disappointing but fact. My rainbow cakes are crap compared to what I see USA bakers can make… (mind- some use packet cake mix…no comment)
Hope this helps; good luck with your airbrushing and buying etc and have mega fun with the chocolate!! Try not to eat it all (like wot I do…)

Incidentally glutenfree cakage...

Yes I agree with cakebelly. Modelling chocolate is so forgiving and there are techniques you can use to make things ahead of time which can be a life saver on complex designs.

I have an ordinary air gun with compressor but I believe the one by Dawn Butler of Dinkydoodle designs is super quiet. She also has a range of airbrush colours which can be used on chocolate and fondant thus saving you money as you only have to buy one sort. I also mix them together to make my own colours. She has some demonstrations on you tube.

Hope this helps and good luck.

I too agree with cakebelly, you can work with work in various ways, There are many you tube videos available which will help you.

None of these posts deal with the original question. He wants a recommendation for a spray gun available in the UK, not a lot of irrelevant chat.

If you want an inexpensive airbrush system check out Aliexpress. They ship usually without a fee and carry the name brands just without the names and usually at half the price. I think that whether or not you can spray and color chocolate depends more on the kind of color that you are using rather than on the kind of system. I think that both Dawn Butler and Trucolors carry colors that can be used on chocolate.

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